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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Traveling to Teens: Concerns and a Mini-Contest

Some of the newer readers probably have not heard of Traveling to Teens, which is understandable considering how little tours we have done recently. That can be chalked up to us not promoting ourselves, some tours not going according to plan, or just lack of interest. However, we're hoping to change that but first we need to solve a small dilemma.

Lately we have been noticing the little responses from current members in regards to the latest potential tours coming in. I can relate to the whole 'school's over!' unmotivated vibe, but Steph and I are starting to think it is not just that. So in hopes to bring in a group of new 'excited' bloggers to Traveling to Teens we are reopening the forms and accepting new applicants. Not just that, we're asking current members to refill one out as well to demonstrate if you are interested as well. Steph and I are currently discussing future actions.

Here is an optional 'resume' type of form:
Blog URL:
Average number of reviews per week:
Blog statistics:
Examples of previous interviews:
Examples of previous reviews:
List at least 2 blogger references--other bloggers who are able to vouch for your character, reliability, writing style, etc.:
*Please note that Traveling to Teens mainly deals with US publishers whom many do not send books outside of the country. We have occasionally received an OK from one or two publishing houses willing to many international.

Again, the form above is optional! It is merely an example. Whatever method you wish to do please take precaution that the form is for first impressions. Steph and I are going continue to be visit each blog separately, but it will help if all key information were at our fingertips.

Please send all 'resumes' to either myself and/or Steph.
Now that's out of the way here's the second phase: promoting. This is going to be quick and painless guys: A button for a button. If you stop by the Traveling to Teens site you'll find a section titled 'buttons'. I'm just asking to pick a button and put it somewhere on your blog preferably a sidebar.

Once done leave me a link to your blog or wherever you posted it:

Simple, right? After confirming the blog you will be automatically entered to win a button for HUNGER by Jackie Morse Kessler. After shoving politely offering some to my local librarian and to my school librarian I managed to have a few extras remaining. That's all.


  1. I would love to do this, but do you have to have other bloggers who can vouch for you?!


  2. Sorry for all the late replies! Preparation for graduation=mind rush.

    @Naya--it is now :)
    @Alison-it would help, but I would understand if you can't provide any.

  3. Thanks ! I have a question, what is your email so I can contact you?


  4. Oh nevermind, I found it !