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Friday, June 18, 2010

The School of Possibilities

The School of Possibilities by Seita Parkkola; translated by Annira Silver and Marja Gass

Source: Sourcebooks Jabberwocky (for blog tour)

Grade: DNF; page 98 out of 368 #IFail
“Storm Steele is an impossible child.

Or so his parents believe thanks to the influence of his evil “step-monster.” Now Storm is being forced to attend the School of Possibilities for troubled youth. But Storm notices that something strange is going on at his new school. The students are not…normal.

Soon he’s being spied on, followed by classmates—and worst of all, forced to accept the headmaster’s perfectly behaved daughter as his girlfriend. He can feel himself becoming more obedient, more like his classmates. Storm tries to resist, but he doesn’t understand how or why the school is controlling him.

Can Storm escape—or will he be turned into a zombie of “good” behavior like everyone else around him?”

—from back of the novel
There comes a time when I call it quits. Or at least quits for now. The School of Possibilities should really have everything I look for in a middle grade novel: quirky writing, interesting plotline, outlandish characters. But something was very off for me. Maybe it could the vague details dragged on chapters that I had trouble understanding the purpose on. That or it could be the fact that I dislike many if not all of the characters. From mindless zombies to full on evil step-families, this novel a downer.

The School of Possibilities is like Candor (or from what I can gather) in middle grade novel form. Now add Charlie Brown’s world of adults of “wha wha wha whan wha…” that my mind goes when I read this novel. Even so the pictures make up most of the fun, very quirky thick-lined fun. Think The Mysterious Howling artwork.

Cover B


  1. Great review. Sorry to hear that you didn't like the book,it looked pretty good. Guess I won't be reading this one.

  2. never heard of this one sounds okaish