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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Which Postal Service Serves You The Best?

This week I had the pleasure of experiencing 4 different types of postal service in the US: FedEx, UPS, DHL, and USPS. It was a doozy* though.

I personally love FedEx because they're really prompt and they know how to leave packages on the porch when we can't run to them in 1 minute flat. However mailing packages out via FedEx=pain in the butt. We had a hard time finding a drop-off box and even finding a store.

USPS is 88% ♥. I'm not very fond of the previous workers at my local USPS--very grumpy and snappy--but they cost the least to ship and gets the job done. Plus I see them so often that they don't even ask which type of mailing I want *snickers*. The delivery man and the new coworkers pretty much me know by face now.

UPS--the man/woman in brown. It's an iconic thing. But they're services? I've read horror stories about them and the only thing I've experienced from those stories are the pounding on doors screaming UPS! UPS! UPS! every 5 seconds (because really I can run from my bedroom to the front door in 5 seconds).

DHL is a roller coaster. I've only used DHL once before and it turned out horribly. They lost the package and Amazon had to reship it using UPS. This time around I only thought they lost my package twice. I bought the book on the 10th and it was sent on the 11th. A weekend followed it so I didn't bother checking on the tracking number but on Monday I did. So the book left the processing center and arrived at the pick-up point around the 14th and left to be delivered. Okay, good, on schedule. Three days later it's still in the same state so I'm getting worried. The horror stories get so bad about DHL that there is apparently a website about it? I'm gnawing on my fingers debating if I should email Barnes and Noble about this "lost" package when YAY! the very next day it shows that it finally arrived to Maryland. 3-4 days to travel across one state.
Then it was dropped off to USPS for them to deliver to my house. Why can't DHL just deliver it? (I live in PA by the way--one state above MD).

Do you personally have any horror stories regarding the postal service? Which company do you like best?


  1. For receiving books, I like UPS the best. During the school year I have my books delivered to my school rather than my home because I don't want them to sit outside until I arrive home. UPS consistently shows up between 11:30 and Noon each day. FedEx has one advantage - they deliver on weekends. However, no one is at school to accept packages on weekends and it usually takes an extra 2 days for them to try again.
    USPS doesn't have tracking. I never know when to expect books from them. I like tracking so that I can anticipate new arrivals. I have never sent or received from DHL.

    My only real option for sending books is USPS. Neither UPS or FedEx have offices in my small town.

  2. Actually USPS does have tracking :) Ask for a confirmation delivery when you mail books/packages out. I think it only comes with first class and media mail though.

  3. I use USPS for pretty much everything. I don't mind the at all. If I can't use them, I go to UPS. I don't have anything bad to say about them. FedEx? I know people that have had a lot of issues with them and I don't think I've ever heard anything good about DHL.

  4. For mailing small packages, I always use USPS. But if I ever need to ship a big box, it is usually cheaper and faster to send via UPS. I usually send Christmas presents via UPS.

  5. I LOVEEEE my UPS guy. He always knocks on my door and knows who I am so he makes sure I get my packages. Fexex isn't bad, they just tend to leave packages on my porch even when I'm home. But as for USPS eh their okay, not the best. But, I use them 99% of the time to mail books out. Good question!!

  6. They (Fed Ex, UPS, USPS) all do their jobs right in my opinion, but you're right the UPS guys are extremely grumpy. ALL OF THEM!