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Monday, June 28, 2010

Manga Monday: Special A

Special A (S.A.) by Maki Minami

Serialized: Viz Media
Genre: Shoujo, Drama
Age Group: 10+
Plot: 2 stars
Art: 3 stars
Characters: 2 stars
Other: Anime
(note: picture is from the anime series)

During my last Manga Monday, Anonymous mentioned Maid-Sama, which quickly reminded me of a hot little title: Special A.

Special A is another shoujo manga that features a hot-tempered girl and a cool laid back, but with many secrets guy. Girl studies really hard to be at the top of her class, comes from a lower-middle class family, extremely dense and cannot cook to save her life—at all. I am talking about superhuman strength that makes riceballs into bowling balls. Guy is good at everything—EVERYTHING—yet he loves the hot-headed girl because she is different.
“Her whole life, Hikari Hanazono has been consumed with the desire to win against her school rival, Kei Takishima--at anything. He always comes out on top no matter what he does, and Hikari is determined to do whatever it takes to beat this guy...somehow!

At age 6 Hikari lost to Kei in an impromptu wrestling match. Now, at 15, Hikari joins "Special A," a group of the top seven students at a private academy, for the opportunity to trounce the guy who made her suffer her first defeat.” —Amazon
This sounds a great, fun read for the summer because it is. And then it is not. Reading this entire series in one go will make the reader go crazy. You cannot imagine how much I wanted to strangle Hikari with enough annoyance to kill her off. There is dense and naivety then there is Hikari. It is also with that vexing phrase constantly repeated by her over and over and over and over again! Think Naruto with “I will be Hokage” almost every chapter.

The other characters make this manga bearable. But S.A. is soap opera—dramatized, fluffly (sickening), and to be consumed in small portions. Some people will also go as far as to say that S.A. is hilarious. Their words, not mine.

S.A Vol. 1 / S.A, Vol. 2 / S.A, Vol. 3 / S.A, Vol. 4 / S.A, Vol. 5 / S.A, Vol. 6 / S.A, Vol. 7 / S.A, Vol. 8 / S.A, Vol. 9 / S.A, Vol. 10 / S.A, Vol. 11 / S.A, Vol. 12 / S.A, Vol. 13 / S.A, Vol. 14 / S.A, Vol. 15 / S.A, Vol. 16 / S.A, Vol. 17 (end series: Nov. 2010)


  1. :D

    I loved reading this review. I've read S.A., and I agree that, in large dose, Hikari can be so, so irritatingly dense!

  2. I've read S.A. My friend told me too and my sister and her friends told me too also.
    I was annoyed by the phrase a lot, I liked the series also, but the phrase and denseness is irritating!
    So I agree with you on this review. :D Also I wonder why things like Maid-Sama, Special A, and mangas like these have the recurring theme with the perfect guy and the hotheaded dense girl? I wonder why...