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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday goes out of Carol! She's turning 50! At least that's what the cake says :)
Okay so she isn't really. Fine, I'll give you a sane cake then.


  1. I'm not even going to say what that first one looks like at first glance... but i want some sugary cake!

  2. haha, that's great that you found a cake that had Carol on it. : P

  3. @Alea ewwww I spent 10 min. staring at it then it came to me! OMG ewwww xD

  4. haha your post isn't as crazy as mine. :P I out crazied you!

  5. HAHAHA! I saw the thumbnail and well you are kind of insane so I was like AH and then I saw it full size and was like thank goodness!