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Thursday, March 19, 2009


Has anyone else been noticing the sudden length of my reviews getting longer and longer? I had to go back to my old reviews for something and then I saw how short it was. Well compared to my newer ones at least. I think I blab or ramble too much. Oh well. Maybe it's all random since some of the reviews stored on my computer--that has yet to be posted--are fairly short so it evens out I suppose. It's just scary, the difference.


  1. Mine are like that too. Some are really long and others are barely even five sentences.

  2. mine have gotten a LOT longer since I started... I think it just happens once you realize what you like

  3. I know that my reviews are getting longer and It pains me. I try to make them a reasonable length, because i know I will loose someone's interest along the way...

    but sometimes you just got write what you gotta write and no editing will do :)

  4. Mine got back and forth, but I've noticed mine getting longer. I guess the more you blog the more you get comfortable writing and your reviews grow!:)

  5. Mine are long. At first I don't know what to write at all, but then I start writing and writing, it's a non stop.