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Sunday, March 1, 2009

The One

The One by Ed Decter and Laura J. Burns (March 10th 2009—Simon Pulse)

Grade: 3.5 stars out of 5

Summary: Chloe Gamble always has an aura of charisma and gets what she wants. But can she work her magic in Hollywood?

She’s been winning beauty pageants and providing for her family all these years. But after catching her father in the act, flirting with a girl about a year or two older than she, Chloe decides it’s time the small town to move to LA to leave with her mother and twin brother, Travis, in tow. Who else was going to decide, her mother?

And so the adventures begin. From finding the proper photographer, stylist, agent, and publicist, Chloe embarks on a true Hollywood scandal. One that leaves her on the blacklist and infamous throughout the city. But that’s not to stop Chloe Gamble to getting what she wants.

Review: The One was like a huge scandal that you read everywhere—in the tabloids, or on television. Full of excitement, and Texas drawl, The One took less than three hours to read.

What I love the most about The One was the three various points of view. We had Nika May, Chloe’s agent, Travis’s emails, and of course Chloe herself. They each represent the relationship in that industry. Nika was the background, how things work, who’s who, and what’s what. Travis was the family aspect but also he had his own story to tell. And Chloe’s point of view speaks for itself.

Chloe is an engrossing and charismatic character. She’s head-strong, determined, and stubborn. But she is also caring. For example, she went out of her way to enroll her and her brother into a prep school just to make him feel more normal and then somehow managed to get him a scholarship. Travis is another character that I felt was good. He had the protective brother vibe going on but he also has own adventure—modeling [underwear], acting, and he’s own personal drama.

The ending was a freaking tease! Seriously! My jaw dropped at how the story ended and I almost threw the book out of frustration. Huge, ginormous, cliff hanger!

Overall: Right from the start, The One dives head first into the world of gossip, sass, and fun. So far this has been the best Hollywood story I have read so far. And I’m eagerly waiting for the sequel to this awesome start!

Cover C-
I'm sorry but I just suddenly see Robert Pattinson in this cover. From that agape mouth, to the hair everywhere, it looks to be an awkward photo.

P.S. I'm slowly but surely trying to write my own summaries...


  1. Ok, I think I'm sold, especially on the alternating perspectives! That sucks about the cliffhanger though! And good for you about writing your own summaries, I used to try but they were so full of plot holes lol.

    And while you read this whole book i just read like 1/3 of one lol.

  2. OMG! I see him, too! Rob with boobs and long hair.

  3. Oooh, the plot sounds really fun!

  4. Nice review!

    I just added this book to my Amazon wishlist and saw that it is a part of a trilogy. Maybe I'll wait til they are all out because I hate cliffhangers.