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Friday, March 13, 2009

Play Me

Before everyone reads this review, I just wanted to say that this book was from my own to-read pile. Thus meaning this review sucks. So do not completely trust my opinion right now. My head is pounding and I wrote this when I had like 5 million tests for school...so expect me to definitely go back to this review when I am not so stressed out.

Play Me
by Laura Ruby (September 1st 2008—HarperTeen)

Grade: 1.5 stars out of 5

Summary: “Eddy knows how to play the game. Not only has he got a hit online TV show, but in the game of love Eddy knows all the tricks, and who will play with him. The girls who know he doesn’t make any promises. The girls who are cool with it. But as graduation looms, everything starts deviating from Eddy’s master script. Never in a million years did he expect to be facing off with unapproachable Lucinda Dulko. For once, he’s not in control—but to be with Lucinda, he’s willing to get swept up by the game. What happens to a player when the rules change?”

Review: I loved Laura Ruby’s other novel Good Girls so I was so excited to get Play Me. It took me less than three hours for me to gobble it up. And after that I just wanted to throw it back out.

Despite the author trying to justify her reasons about Eddy, in the end I still felt that was a complete bastard. Sure he had his soft spot, like with his mother, but it did not compensate the fact that he was a selfish and narrow-minded guy that was being led by his hormones. He might have thought he loved Lucinda but his actions did not show that. His actions did show that he wanted to get in her pants. But was it really his fault? Not really. Since it takes two people to do the deed.

The relationship between almost everyone in the story was discombobulated. I could not fathom as to why everyone gravitates towards Eddy. He abuses their friendship and does not seem to care for them. The same thing applies to the family relationship. When sound advice was given, he completely ignored it even after his career with MTV collapsed.

The one redeeming factor would have to be Tippi Hedren. This bird makes me crack up like a hyena, okay I exaggerated a bit, but she really did make me laugh.

Overall: Next.

Cover C+


  1. Haha, I totally agree with you. I was so excited to read this book but was extremely disappointed. It's a good thing you got to posting your review of Play Me before me. :)


    Don't tell me this. I have this book on the way and I am so excited to read it because I really enjoyed Good Girls!!!

  3. Interesting take. Thanks. One of my colleagues really liked this book and I sell it on her recommendation, but now I think I'll really have to read it and see for myself

  4. I love the cover and the premise so thanks for the warning. I won't expect too much.