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Monday, March 9, 2009

New System (1)

After reading all of the comments so far concerning my current state of reviews, I have concluded to leaving the way I review as is, but I will be changing my rating system a bit--I plan to restate what each star means and so forth. This is still an undergoing process so do not expect a drastic change anytime soon.

I did receive a question within my question post about my decimal stars so I feel like I should explain that a bit further. For me, half stars do not cut it. It's too limited. Therefore I plan to continue to the decimal stars but shy away from it if I can, just the hundredth place, the tenths remain always. Right now I am outlining the way I plan to grade books from now on. So far this is all that I have:

-Love relationship if any
-Family relationship
-Relationship to other characters
-Emotional appeal

Secondary characterization
-How they support the main character

-Background information (if they explained everything)
-Great action sequences if any
-How overused is the topic? (cliche)
-Surprise factor

Writing Technique
-Transition scenes
-Gorgeous metaphors and sensations (i.e. the detailed scenery)

This is all still very tentative. I'll be adding more subcategories, deleting some and expanding on others. So please do not ask what this means and what means, because more often than naught, I am still as lost as you are. If you feel that I am missing anything important let me and I will definitely consider it! Each category is supposed to help me organize my thoughts and help me with my review.

Those of you who asked me to expand more on the better aspect of the book, I try. Really I do. But sometimes, there's only so much I can blab on about before my review becomes a bunch of gibberish. Take for example my review for Going Too Far, complete and utter crap. I am so much better at critiquing than praising, I think many of us are. So I am going to try harder now.

I am also trying to write my own summaries. Trying is the key word. I do not know how others do it, but I sure can't. Nor do I plan to have my entire review about the summary.

Anyway I really would like to thank everyone who left a comment to my quick question. You guys have no idea how much it helped! I was feeling very concerned so I think some of my apprehension have been relieved. Especially to those who wrote like half a page responding to me. I was shocked at so many people who responded! So if you commented, give yourselves a super duper hug for me! THANK YOU!

I think this all I have to say? Just in case, I will title this "New System" Part I...

Oh! But I did want to talk about the picture. This is a metaphor of me reviewing...Eh, don't feel like explaining it. This post is long enough as is :)


  1. I find writing summaries the hardest part of reviewing. But I figure that anyone who is interested can easily find the synopsis from amazon, so I might as well describe the book in my own words. But yeah, as you say, trying is the word =)

  2. can i guess the metaphor?

    well anyway, the picture looks like someone's hanging his/herself and this is a metaphor because when u do reviews, you feel like hanging urself....dotdotdot okay awkward. but seriously, is this metaphor cuz if it is [dotdotdot]

    sighh yan its okay *patpat


  3. Your categories validate why your reviews are so good. You are organized and thorough.

    Do you mind if I borrow your list? While I think about these things, I have not actually created an outline like this. Too many years since I've been in school. Love this.

    I am new to your blog but I added you to my blogroll very early on when I was seeking out teen reviewers.

    I wanted to be sure our library carries what young people are reading and coming here, I feel more confident about our collection.

    Thank you.

  4. Those are definitely great things to think about while writing a review.

  5. Summaries are the worst part, imo.
    REVIEW :(