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Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday Mystery: Janette Rallison

After asking about a bazillion authors I finally found one who wrote a really quick Monday Mystery for me! I'll have more to come later on!
Here is a random thought for you:

Is life believable?

It's something that authors have to take in consideration when they write. Are the actions and the motivations of the characters believable? And worse almost--are the other details believable? You noticed I didn't say factual. I have put factual things in my books and had my editor tag them as unbelievable. For example, when I was writing Just One Wish, I talked to my favorite TV star, Richard Hatch, who played the original Apollo in Battlestar Gallactica and who played Tom Zarek in the current series. I asked about actors work schedules and if they worked on weekends. He told me if they were behind schedule they did.

This didn't surprise me because once while I worked at a resort a camera crew came to film a commercial and they worked 16 hour days. The idea seemed to be that you once you started filming you didn't stop until the thing was done.

But since my editor didn't believe actors worked weekends I figured readers wouldn't either and I changed the dates.

I had dinner with my editor not long ago. We were talking about cooking and he told me that after Thanksgiving he had decided to make soup out of the Turkey carcass. (My first thought: why would anybody do that?) So he boiled the carcass in water--get this--for three days.

The result, needless to say, was not good.

"Why did you boil it for three days?" I asked.

He shrugged. "Just seemed like the thing to do."

He would never let me get away with that in my writing. Life may not be believable, but fiction has to be.
You can find Janette at her website!