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Thursday, August 20, 2009

BBAW and Nominations

So I'm going to follow the choo choo train that my other bloggers led and do a post as well. I was just recently informed via email that I've been nominated for 6 categories. Insert my first reaction: Hua!? Combination of wha and huh.

Most Humorous/Funniest Blog
Most Extravagant Giveaways
Best YA Blog
Most Concise
Best Reviews
Best Writing

I already submitted my entries and is now waiting...waiting...waiting. Anyway I already know I won't win (but I had nothing to lose (except for my pride and dignity lol) so I thought why the heck not) but I'm hoping to make it somewhere on one of those lists!

I already dropped out of the Best Writing category because I didn't feel like I really deserved that one. I consider myself an overgrown 5th grader with a potty mouth. I thought I knew someone who did deserve it but she didn't get nominated coughcoughStephSucough. The other nominations I'm being super optimistic about. Not expecting a lot though (oh crap, that's me being a pessimist).

As for the humorist part I was pretty much shocked about that! Whoever finds me funny is a sicko and you deserve a hug for that! I FINALLY FOUND MY PEEPS! *hugs*

All the nominations are closed and it's now in the judges virtual hands. Cross your fingers that someone you know will win and deserves it too! (And I'm not talking about me. I know a fair number of bloggers who deserve to win in their respected categories!)

Pst--I honestly didn't know what some of those categories meant like "Most Concise" so I did a guess and pray.


  1. Congrats! I think you have the record so far for most nominations :P

  2. lol.. what is Most Concise...
    Congrats!!! time 4 a happy dance! lol

  3. LOL maybe they really liked your skewered baby picture that Carol put on your blog that one day... just kidding! And thanks for the non-secretive shout-out, although that doesn't mean you had to or should've withdrawn. I like your reviews! I'm curious to know which ones you've submitted...

  4. Yan, I know I love to tease you, but I swear you make me laugh and laugh and laugh. Many of your reviews are very funny and fun to read. You are very YOU in your posts and you don't write like everyone else.

    Those are the types of posts I love to read. Ones with personality in them. And, you, my dear organ provider, have personality!!

    *huggles* Congrats!!

  5. GO YAN! I'm cheering for you! \(^o^)/

  6. What Cat says. That is why someone whom I'm not mentioning nominated you for best writing. This person had very good taste! :D

  7. lol, I like your crazy humour & your potty mouth! Congrats!

  8. Congratulations! I definitely think you deserve these nominations.

  9. WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CONGRATS YANYAN BALLERINA! =D You definitely deserve your nominations.

  10. No don't withdraw!!! Don't upset the person who nominated you, and besides you deserve it. I think you have a really good chance to win that Humorous Award too :)

    Congrats to Yan~!

  11. Congratulations on your nominations!