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Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday Mystery: My Bookcase in Oak

Mylex - Five Shelf Bookcase in Oak (CSN Office Furniture)

Grade: 3.5 stars out of 5

Summary: “The Mylex Five-Shelf Bookcase is a great way to store your books, CDs, DVDs or other items without having to sacrifice style for function. Featuring a sleek oak finish, this bookcase has five shelves to accommodate your storage needs. Perfect for use in the home or office!”

Review: Let’s break this down into categories: Shipping and handling, building, materials, and efficiency.

Shipping and handling: The company uses UPS which was a smart move on their end, USPS isn't known for their safekeepings. As soon as order is sent you will receive an email confirmation with the product, the address, and the estimation of shipment and delivery. I was quite pleased of how quickly they handled the order. They also send you a UPS tracking number as soon as the bookcase was ready to be mailed so you can stalk the process as I did. When I got the package nothing was damaged, torn, or completely mangled. The packaging was sturdy and the delivery was clean and impeccable.

The build it yourself process is less painful than you might think. The instructions were very clear and mostly pictures. They include a legend for the nails and screws and step by step instructions. The shelves were marked with number stickers so it was easy to find. The construction only took about 40 minutes to finish—speedy.

The materials, however, lacked. We managed to nick the bookcase 4 times with the nails. The backboard of the bookcase was too small for my taste and too flimsy. It was hard to center it correctly and secure the nails. We just kept shifting it so it touched all the edges—barely—and having a tug of war battle between the two backboards and one 1 inch shelf width of a space. We had a tear in an area when we nailed a corner in but didn’t quite make it to the wooden shelf. It actually skimmed it so the nail showed (I applied tape to the books would not get stabbed with the nail). The other times the wood just chipped off. Another time when we moved the bookcase I must have dropped it none too gently because a piece of wood fell off (I still am trying to figure out where the piece came from). I wish that the shelves were sturdier because just mere minutes after putting all my books in them, it started to cave downward. It might be my fault because 90% of my books are hardcover.

A few days later it’s still standing so I’m guessing that it works. I’m still scared that everything might collapse and the entire thing comes crashing down. Books are up, plenty of room, tall and lean.

Overall: It’s a bookcase all right. Works too! Would suggest using wood glue instead of nails for the backboard.

Cover B-
Maybe I should have gotten maple...?

Before the bookcase:
Note the many, many boxes. It's all filled! Even the pear boxes~ This is my basement. (Taken: 07/28)

After the bookcase:
mom took 1/3 of the space of my bookcase for random junk. I can see the basement floor again! OMG it's a miracle! (Taken: 07/29) <--I have more books to hide shelf in the bookcase...so it turns out that my basement floor is partial covered and the top of my bookcase is already filled. (08/10)


  1. I'm curious to know you acquire most of your books, lol xD

  2. Wow you have one impressive collection of books there!

    I hope the bookshelf works out for you! I really need to get myself a new one.

  3. I really like how you have some of the books facing outwards, like at a bookstore!

  4. Wow you have a lot of books! Impressive. That's good that you were able to clear up some space.

  5. *gawks*
    theres so many pretty books that i want to borrow/want from you :D

    i should start making my list again



  6. You'll have to let us know if the shelves start to sag -- that's the problem I always have with my bookcases.

  7. Kind of like my shelves. what's that book on the top right corner, I cant make out the title and I am pretty sure it's one I don't have!

  8. Katie: It's already sagging :(

    Rebrebs: LOL you have to be more specific than that. Which picture? The white shelves, bookcase, left picture, right picture?

  9. ACK it's already sagging?! That was quick. Is Mylex a brand or a material?
    I have a different bookshelf coming to me at some point this week also

  10. Marie: I have no idea O.O I think it's the brand


    It says "by" Mylex so I'm guessing lol

  11. I am so dumb, I clicked on the picture and it made it bigger..LOL why didn't I think of that before. It was Graceling I was looking at

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