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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Layout Love!

So Laina...darn it where's her link...found it! redid my layout once I begged her to. She was talking to Sharon on twitter about doing a layout for her so of course I butted in and asked if she could do one for me as well. So...ta-da! Isn't it fabu!? So basically she gave me a link to her photobucket and asked if I had any ideas. I wanted a header with 4 panels and gave her those 4 pictures in that order. The font and colors she did an amazing job with! The background image I asked for something abstract, I don't know if that's abstract or not but it's so cute! I love it! Laina also kindly included the navigation bar I asked her and *sparkle sparkle* it's so purty!

I decided to then change my label list to a label cloud (as you can see, I have wanted a label cloud for some time now) and changed my footer to a 3 column footer (I just had a craving for it) and it's done! Of course the footer wouldn't cooperate with me and center itself (grrrr) and after numerous attempts to float center I gave up. (You can find the html code for both of these on google)

So like it? love it? hate it? Blame it all on Laina (who I think did a wonderful stupendous job!).

P.S. Don't ask how this all relates to books because I don't know and frankly I don't really care.


  1. Laina's a genius! She made me a new layout last week, and its so pretty! I love your layout too1

  2. The layout's so pretty! And I laughed when I saw how in your label cloud, the five star label is so much smaller than the other ones. XD

    - Alex

  3. So pretty!
    Love it!
    She did my layout a while back too! She does such a fabulous job!

  4. hehe pretty. I told her that you'd like pink! Is that label cloud thing hard to do? I want to make one!

  5. super pretty! I love the use of four pictures :)

  6. Oh, I love the background with the pelican(?), turtle and alligator! Very cute :D

    I want a label cloud - must figure this out now :)

  7. It's beautiful! Laina's a genius.

  8. Gorgeous. I specially love the header!