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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Traveling to Teens: Jo Knowles

This week we're touring with Jo Knowles. You can vist her website here. Jumping Off Swings is her second novel. The following answers were answered by the characters from the book!~
1. What playground game would you consider yourself?
Ellie: A swing

Josh: A slide

Corinne & Caleb: Merry-go-round!

2. Do you jump off the swings at the highest peak?
Ellie: Someday I’ll be brave enough.

Josh: Definitely.

Corinne: It's the only way.

Caleb: It depends on my mood.

3. Which character do you associate with the most?
Ellie: Corinne

Josh: Dave and Caleb

Corinne: Ellie and Caleb

Caleb: Josh and Corinne

4. Do you own a pair of red fishnet tights?
Ellie: Yes, but don’t tell my mom.

Josh: Uh, why would you think that?

Corinne: I’m totally borrowing Ellie’s.

Caleb: No, but I think they’d look cute on Corinne!

5. Would you rather break dance in a crowd or rap in a crowd?
Ellie: None of the above.

Josh: Rap maybe, but I think both are kind of lame.

Corinne: How much would I be getting paid?

Caleb: I’ll sit that one out, thanks.
This was a Traveling to Teens tour.


  1. I really like how she answered the questions from her character's point of view!

  2. cute. I like how her answers were from the character's pov too.

  3. Cute. I've seen this once before and I liked it. Its interesting how you use the characters in the book to answer. It makes the book that much more real.

  4. Interview with the characters, short but interesting!