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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Traveling to Teens: Dina and Daniel Nayeri

This week we're traveling with the sibiling duo of Dina and Daniel. We can find them at their website: http://www.danielanddina.com!
1. Can you explain the writing process. Like who writes what and the order. Is it a free for all?
Dina: Our writing styles tend to be pretty different, so we first have to spend a month or more brainstorming a story, outlining, figuring out motifs and subplots and all sorts of other details. If we didn’t go through this step, writing a book together would be impossible, because we’d be shooting at two completely different targets. Since our styles are different we consciously choose a specific tone and voice for the book by sending excerpts back and forth. When we’re ready to begin writing, we each tackle a chapter and send it to the other. Then we edit each other’s chapter thoroughly, not just for weaknesses, but also to inject that piece with writing from both of us. Then the file gets sent back to the original writer, and edited again. We do this 3-4 times before a chapter is finalized and put in the first draft of the book.

Daniel: Well, D pretty much hit it (we plan like it's a bank heist, we write separately so we don't cut each other, and then we edit with enough red ink to film a horror movie).

2. What types of powers would you like?
Dina: No contest: Time travel or stopping time. I’m always fantasizing about what it would be like to stop time (especially on those mornings when you wish you could sleep another hour). Of course, one of the best parts of writing Another Faust was getting to explore the dark side of these super-power fantasies.

One power I would never want to have is reading minds though. If I had that power, I would turn it off. It would make me very unhappy to know what people are really thinking.

Daniel: Oh man, I'm a comic book geek, so I have charts on this question from back in the third grade. Of course, if you have Superman on the table, you gotta go with Superman. He pretty much has all the powers. But, of course, Superman isn't on the table--wouldn't be fair. And you can't pick Rogue powers, that'd be like wishing for more wishes. Soooo, I'm gonna go with Wolverine. I always loved that he didn't need to fly cause he could just jump out of a plane, hit the ground, and heal all the broken bones. Sweet.

3.What are you willing to give up for some awesome cookies?
Dina: Some slightly less awesome cookies.

But, wait... I don’t really have to give up anything, because Daniel can bake some crazy good pastries!

Daniel: Everything I own, except for the milk in my fridge.

4. Which character did you enjoy writing the most? Do you relate to the character?
Dina: Valentin and Victoria, because they get to have the most fun. And characters that flirt with evil tend to be most intriguing to me. Sadly, there were moments when I did relate to both of those characters. All five characters, in fact, were very much based on our own experiences as teens. So I guess I relate to all of them on some level (except for Madame Vileroy... For obvious reasons).

Daniel: I think Buddy is one of my favorites. As was Madame Vileroy. They were each difficult, one because he's almost inanimate, the other because she's perfect evil.

5. Who do you think is the most gorgeous person on the cover? (Curiosity will kill me one day lol)
Dina: Valentin. Oh, that hair.... Candlewick actually found the model specifically based on the hair, because of course, we wrote Valentin to have beautiful curls.

Daniel: Oh, gotta go with Valentin. Dude's hot, can't deny it. As for the ladies, I'm told a couple of them are still teens, so I have zero comment on their attractiveness. I think they all look like bright, confident young ladies who will stay in school and become leaders of culture, community, and industry.


  1. Awesome interview!!!! I cannot wait to start Another Faust.

    Aww, hopefully you won't get killed because your curiosity is HILARIOUS =D

  2. Oh, Yan, I envy your brilliant questions! If Madame Vileroy was around, I would trade my soul for questions to rival Yan's :D

    Dina and Daniel sound like they had fun with your questions - and I laughed as well!

  3. Is Valentine portrayed by Jarret? I still can't get over the fact that he didn't win the poll!

    Love the questions. You rock haha<3

  4. ur so funny! I had that as a wow post too a while ago!! I'm so excited for the unwritten rule! LOL LOL and I love the cover, I'm definitely going to buy that book for my keeper shelf! LOL