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Friday, August 21, 2009

Winners of Geektastic

The contest for 3 copies of Geektastic ended sometime this week and while I didn't get as many entries as I would have hoped for I am happy to announce the 3 lucky winners:

"It's hard to pick just one geeky moment as the geekiest.

I once told my husband how proud I was of my leadership experience in high school - after all, I was the secretary of the Star Trek club. He said that I probably shouldn't be bragging about that to a lot of people.

But when the new Star Trek movie came out, guess who got all dressed up in his Star Fleet uniform to go with me to the movie? I have photos of us all decked out here:


I have a lot of other geeky moments, but I'll stick with the Star Trek one here. :) You know, my friends and I were nicknamed "the nerd herd" in junior high. We were so nerdy that we were proud of it."
(you seem to always win my contests that you enter for Alyce! :P)

"Well I really have too many stories to tell you because I am probably the biggest geek in my family lol. But here is one of my favorites....

I was in Borders with my little sister and I was in the Sci-fi section and fantasy re organizing the books (because they were a mess!) when I noticed someone asking (to a employee) about a series of books just like Twilight. The Employee did not know, so I walked up and started to name off titles and authors (Sookie Stackhouse, Vampire diaries ect.) Then I told them what sections they were in. The people stared at me and asked I I worked there I said no and then I found out the employee was a manager, and got offered a job. My family still makes fun of me telling me I need to let people do their jobs lol.

So thats it hope you enjoyed it =)"
"Oh my God... I can think of a million geeky things I've done, so I'll just list a few of them. Most of these are things I've never revealed on the internet before...

- I've managed to get away with making comic books for major school projects TWICE! And they both got A's. One was about the rock cycle, complete with a talking rock, cavemen, giant fish, and a bratty Victorian pre-teen. The other had to be about Greek architecture... so I wrote a story and made a comic about a time-traveling, evil-destroying, guardian of time who had to stop an entity of pure chaos from altering history.

- This one is something I look back on with pure embarrassment... I was about 10 or 11 and I decided to become my own mascot for my town's summer festival. I called myself Airhead Girl (what was I thinking?!) and rode my scooter around town... with a pinwheel stuck in the top of my helmet... with balloons tied to it. I had a face painter write "Airhead Girl" on my forehead. Eventually the balloons and pinwheel floated away without me noticing... and someone caught it on film!

- I planned out a Kim Possible fanfiction set in a future where Kim and Ron have kids. It involved aliens. And I drew pictures of the characters...

- I dressed up as the main character from a book I'm writing for Halloween last year (a blue-haired Atlantean princess.) My best friend did the same thing for a character in her book and we kept having to explain who we were... and got a lot of strange looks. Then we had a giant shaving cream and silly string fight with a bunch of other people in her backyard. Except everyone else got to the cans before we did, so we threw peanuts and grabbed spray bottles for watering plants and blasted people while yelling war cries. Maybe it was the sugar...

- I'm an obsessive YA fan. Enough said."
Congrats ladies! You have the option to email me your address when you see this or I'll email you sometime next week (should I remember).

P.S. I'm really behind on my book mailings so I apologize to Jess and Summer who are still waiting their prizes! Eek!


  1. Congrats! :3

    @Yan - They don't!! (>o<) Maybe it's just my screen... OR I'm color(gray)blind?! O_O

  2. Congrats to the winners. I'm really jealous of you guys :)

  3. Yay! I'm so happy to have won! :)