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Friday, April 3, 2009

Trix Are For Kids!

Drum roll please! Presenting C.K. Kelly Martin!
Why are you crazy for Trix?

Sugar, baby. It’s the sugar…well, that and the money that comes with my contract.

Is that really your face or is that a costume?
I think it’s pretty obvious that it’s a cartoon, not my real face. In real life I’m much more handsome (see the photo).

Why don't you wear any clothes and just go around in the buff? You're scaring little kids y'know.
Rabbits are traditionally nudists. There’s nothing unhealthy about that. Humans get hung up on the weirdest things! What I find disturbing is people dressing up their dogs. If dogs could make protest signs and organize the world would be flooded with dogs marching in protest against this odd human habit of covering them up.

Why do the kids always end up catching you? Are you not smart enough to come up with a fool-proof plan?
Oh, I could, easily. But that’s part of the contract too.

How do you find out where these little kids are anyway?
I possess, as most rabbits do, a very keen sense of smell. That makes it quite simple to track down anyone with Trix.

Did you put a tracking bug in them or something...or are you Santa Claus? You have some crazy ideas, I must say. I don’t need a tracking device – and Santa Claus is clearly not a rabbit but a rather pear-shaped human.

Why do you only go after little kids? Are you a perv in disguise?
Strangely it’s children rather than adults who enjoy Trix cereal. I can’t think why. I very much resent the suggestion that I’m perverted. It seems that you’re the one inferring untoward behaviour. Maybe you should ask yourself what that says about you.

Do you eat children along with your serving of morning cereal? Or do you eat them along with the trix?
I must say this is a very odd interview.

Why don't you eat carrots instead!?
I eat carrots all the time! But the sugar’s a very pleasant variation from my regular diet. You don’t get a sugar rush from gnawing on carrots, believe me!

What is your real name? Is it really Rabbit?
Rabbit? How rude! Of course I have a real name and it’s not rabbit; it’s Newell.

How do you know so much about the darn cereal yet you're always trying to steal others?
The contract, my dear. It’s all part of the contract.

Have you met Lucky from Lucky Charms before?
I’ve met Lucky a few times over the years, at conferences and such.

Is he nice? Did you give you some magic?
He’s friendly enough but not quite what you’d expect (and certainly no magician). In real life he has a very heavy Greek accent (they dub that out for the commercials) and his name is Christos. He’s also a bit of a trickster, tried to convince me to sign up for a Lucky Charms commercial. Needless to say I turned it down. Lucky Charms are alright but they’re no Trix!

Do all of you cereal cartoons have a convention or something and discuss ways to lure in kids?
We’re more spokesmen than ideas people. It’s the marketing team that comes up with the hooks. However, I do attend some conferences to sign autographs and the like.

Do you only lust after Trix or other cereals as well?
I’m fond of sugary cereals in general but Trix is the best (and I’m not just saying that because of my contract).

How did you come up with your slogan?
Again, that’s up to the ideas people.

Why did they name you the mascot for the cereal?
Originally they wanted my cousin William, popularly known as the Easter bunny, but he’s exceedingly busy and recommended me instead. He’s very generous, my cousin, a real family rabbit.

Why do you have very huge ears?
It’s a rabbit thing. Wouldn’t a rabbit with small ears look pretty ridiculous? But seriously, the ears act as our air conditioning system. When the weather’s hot we lose heat by circulating blood through a big vein in our ears. It’s a very handy system.

Are you an only child?
I’m the second youngest of seven rabbits. I have two brothers and four sisters but am the only one in my immediate family to go into show business. My siblings are much more introverted.

Can we have some Trix?
I’m not sure I really like you, given the hostile nature of some of the questions here. But tell you what, I’ll give the request some more thought and get back to you.
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  1. No.Way
    Why?? Because I was looking at my stats textbook and I really really REALLY HATE STATS. And guess what...there was a problem taht said: Trix are for kids. Seriously. That was the title of the word problem. After seeing that, whatever love I had for Trix has disappeared. :(


  2. I only lust after the trix rabbit. You know what they say about rabbits with big ears!

  3. Of course not. The saying is "Trix are for kids." I've progressed past that stage to the grown-up cereal, Frosted Flakes. Tony's a REAL tiger...lol

    jaam121388 at yahoo dot com

  4. I used to. Only Trix ever...but then they changed my awesome fruit-shaped cereal into rainbow Cocoa Puffs! Boooo, so lame. Someone needs to hit the director of marketing over the head with an ACME anvil and fast! I want my Trix back the way they were please.


  5. Why on earth would anyone lust after Trix? Trix are frinkin' disgusting. Only dogs would eat those.

    Silly people, Trix are dogs.

  6. Why of course not! I stopped because Newell Rabbit here kept chasing me, even during SCHOOL! It kept distracting me from my math tests, so I failed some of them! ALL THANKS TO TRIX. Now I have a hideous C average in Algebra 2, thank you very much.

    Plus, now I'm "coo-coo" for that sexy Cocoa Puffs mascot.


  7. No way! variety is the spice of life. Sometimes I like my lucky charms and sometimes i want fruit loops. Gotta keep things changing all the time.

  8. Uhm, I have a question, who the hell is this Trix rabbit? Okay. I just googled and it said that rabbit relates to some cereal thingy. Well I do not lust for Trix at all. I don't like cereal and the rabbit looks weird. Their slogan is the biggest turn off. I don't need anything to give people one more reason to laugh at me and say "you're just a kid, hahaha."

  9. Trix are okay, I mean I will eat them...my little sister loves them but she is a weirdo! So "Trix are for weirdos!"

    -Senfaye :)

  10. "Silly rabbit - trix are for kids."

    This statement alone makes me love Trix because I love the thought of being a kid...and when i become exremely old, and become an old lady guess what cereal I'm going to be picking up and enjoying?

    That's right.

    No raisin brand for me. I'm having the sugar because I can. :]


  11. Ooooo .... Trix, Trix! Me! Me!! I am attracted to anything colorful and the colors on Trix is really lush! HAHA!


  12. Trix? Never. Have you seen the gorgeous man who advertises golden nuggets. They taste yee-haw. Gotta love a miner.

    Although, the Coco Pops monkey is kinda cute. I want a monkey now. Or a monkey man? On second thoughts, just a monkey. So much less work.

  13. Nope. I've outgrown Trix - sorry Trix - for something better.

    Oh yeah, me, Snap, and Crackle - threesomes are so much more fun.

  14. NO WAY! I'm CUCKOO for COCOA PUFFS! CUCKOO, I tell you, CUCKOO!! Don't believe me? I'm so crazy about Cocoa Puffs that I once made a shrine of one giant Puff which was made up of about one thousand smaller puffs. Then my stomach growled and I ate it! It was SO, SO GOOD! The glue that had held the puffs together tasted like choclate milk. Now you tell me, how could Trix EVER, EVER, EVER compare to COCOA PUFFS!


  15. Nope. Trix are for kids. I prefer boox.

  16. I lusted for Trix when they were in the shapes of little fruits. The purple ones were grapes..ect.
    Now they're just rainbow puffs. It takes the magic away from them :[


  17. Trix is for kids. But Trix YOGURT is for everyone :)

    i think.

    maybe i should go read the box...


  18. No way! I'm all about Count Chocula. He's my sugar daddy. Recently though, I've had my eye on Tony the Tiger 'cause he's oh so magically delicious! But I dunno, what do you think? Should I get a Life or do you think I might get Lucky? Oh well, I've still got Count Chocula and I think he's Just Right.

  19. Psh, please. Trix are for kids. We killer unicorns prefer our Weetabix. Nothing like a healthy, high-fibre diet to kickstart the day (and I do mean kickstart).


  20. Trix are yummy. Mommy likes them too. She plays with me a lot. Trix are yummy. Mommy like to pick out all of the marshys and give them to me. The marshys taste good.

  21. Honestly the whole 'rabbit wanting Trix' thing has always made me thing the rabbit was up to some funny business if you want to know the truth. Seems to me like he'd be after some grown-up/adult cereal otherwise and not trying to hone in on the kid's market so much.

    It's like a human guy shopping for toys when he doesn't have a kid...or something like that ;)