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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hardback vs. Paperback

ehehe I stole Alea's title. I love you! Don't kill me! This is not the same idea from the same brilliant mind--just thought the title was fitting. Anyway, my head hurts and I have 2 test tomorrow; monitor has not been replaced yet so I have been enslaving some awesome friends to schedule posts for me the past few days! This time I ran out of reviews that would be appropriate to post so I am just going to throw this question out to you guys (it's been on my mind for some time)!

I prefer the hardback edition of books and others prefer the soft, flexible paperback. Hardbacks for me were study, dependable, and clean-looking. I can always be sure that they will not be destroyed unlike paperbacks. But recently I have noticed my slight preference towards ARC/paperbacks to read. Reading at home hardbacks are the way to go and for collecting no doubt. But at school, on the bus (they make me get car sick...so forget that), and on the road I really appreciate the flexibility of the paperbacks.

So I would love to know what do you prefer?


  1. I prefer hardcovers, hands down. I kind of collect my books, and they look nicer. They're also bound nicely, with a lovely dust jacket. If a book is released in HB and PB, I'll always try and get the HB, even though it costs more.

    I don't read anywhere but my house, though if I did, my answer might be different.

    Great question Yan!

  2. Hardcovers, but it's much easier to buy a paperback. Cheaper!

  3. Hardcovers.
    Who am I fooling, I'm just a book junkie I want them ALL!!!

  4. Paperbacks! Specifically trade paperbacks (the larger ones). Hardbacks are heavy and take up too much shelf space. I'm also pretty careful with my books, so the durability of hardbacks doesn't matter to me that much.

  5. I generally prefer paperbacks, although I buy hardcovers if it's a luxury item - such as a nice coffee table book (if only I had a coffee table...) or a photography/art book.

  6. I generally prefer paperback, but I'm finding that my bookshelf does not care, because it's overflowing with them all and I swear I can hear it growling at me when I pack new books on it.

  7. *killkillkill* no lol.

    Well do I even have to answer? You could answer for me. And what you are saying about hardcovers keeping cleaner? I actually believe the opposite. Apparently I always touch my books with like food grease on my hands and those don't come off hardcovers (i read without the jacket) so they become permanent stains, while a paperback you can usually (especially glossy covers) just wipe anything off of it. TMI i know....

  8. Hmm.. I prefer the feel and look of hardcovers, but I only dish out the cash for them if I REALLY want the book. Other then that, I prefer trade paperback (but I absolutely HATE pocket paperback).

  9. I would say about an equal preference for hardcovers and trade paperbacks (most ARCs would fall into this category since they are usually trade PB size). I dislike mass market paperbacks, because I find them harder to hold open, and the spines bend sooo easily (and I hate creasing my spines, I like my books to look perfect).

  10. I honestly just care about the words in the inside.

  11. I prefer paperbacks. Twice the books for the same price!
    I have a no hardback policy (flexible of course) but this isn't because I don't like hardbacks. Usually if I buy a hardback it's because of lots of hype and I'll have strong ideas of what I expect it to be and it's never how I expect it and it always disappoints me a bit. So if I wait for the PB then I have long enough to forget all my preconceptions and just enjoy it for what it is. Actually this only really applies if I've never read anything by the author before. If I have then I have better judgement on it, so I let myself :)

  12. It's really hard to pick. Hardcovers look so damn beautiful but sometimes when I lie down and read it can be a bit annoying and they're hard to carry around too. I love paperbacks too but they're easily damaged : (

    Well, I guess I'll go for hardcovers afterall.

  13. *picks up hardcover*
    "Though spiffy, this book is too large, expensive and heavy."

    *picks up trade paperback*
    "This book is too large, expensive and floppy."

    *picks up massmarket paperback*
    "Ahhh, this book is juuust right!"

    I do buy the occasional hardcover, though.

  14. I definitely prefer the hardcover editions of books. If I'm trying out an unknown author/book, I'll probably go for a paperback first just because of cost, but I definitely prefer the feel of a hardcover when reading and I love the look/balance of hardcovers on my shelves.

  15. I prefer paperback, only because they weigh less (easier on my back when I carry them in my purse), are typically smaller (so I can fit more on my shelves), and are way cheaper (hey, I'm a teacher).

  16. Paperbacks :D
    But I wouldn't turn down a book because it is a hard back.
    Although I hate that some people release hardbacks earlier so that you pay more if you can't wait for the book. Evil people :)

  17. Well.... I started out with mostly paperbacks. But then as I started to get favorite authors **Must buys** I was like ohhhh they had that in HB from a book club.. I MUST HAVE UMMMMM.
    So the Black Dagger Brotherhood I have in both. The Argeneau's in both. So I guess I am bookbipolar. :O)
    Now If a book is available in HB I get it. Then I carefully cover them in a bodarts book cover so the covers stay soooo pretty. **No that is not obsessive, is it??**

  18. Whichever. As long as it's readable (is that a word?) I don't mind. :)