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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Faery Rebel: Spell Hunter

Faery Rebel: Spell Hunter by R.J. Anderson (April 28th 2009—Harper)

Grade: 5 stars out of 5

Summary: “As the Faery Queen's appointed Hunter, Knife alone has the courage and skill to fight the crows and other predators who threaten the Oakenfolk's survival. Yet neither she nor the Queen can do anything to stop a mysterious magical disease from claiming the faeries of the Oak one by one.

But there are humans at the bottom of the garden, and a glimpse inside their House convinces Knife that they have powers and knowledge that could help her people. Still, if the human world has so much to offer, why is the Queen determined to keep the faeries away from it? Is there a connection between the House and the Oakenfolk's loss of magic? And why is Knife so drawn to the young Paul McCormick — that strangest of creatures, a human male?

Knife determines to learn the truth about the Oakenfolk's relationship to humanity, no matter what the Queen might do to prevent her — a quest which threatens the growing friendship between herself and Paul, puts both their lives in jeopardy, and challenges everything Knife has ever believed about humans, faeries, and her own heart's desire. And when at last Knife discovers the secret the Faery Queen has been hiding, she is forced to make an agonizing choice between love and freedom that will change her life, and the lives of her people, forever.”

Review: This book was simply…wow. And that, my dears, is an understatement. Just when my hope begins to diminish on Team Faery, Team Zombie is popping out some good books, R.J. Anderson writes this beauty.

When I started to read Faery Rebel, my brother asked me what’s it about? [Yes, Yan has a brother--older] I passed the book to him which he promptly read the back summary. He said that Disney is bound to make a movie out of this to which I reply, they probably will. So why did I tell you this little exchange between brother dear and I? To showcase you the appeal that it has. This book shows great potential for middle school students and high school students, as well as adults who adore fairies! We are talking about awe worthy, sigh escaping, silly little grins, and childish giggles type of book! And that, my friends, is just the starting point.

What I love first about Faery Rebel was the fact that it is quite different from other fairy type novels coming out. Most of which dwelled in the “Fairy World” with kings, queens, courts, and all of that confusing stuff. This was more of the Disney type of world—where they are 7 inches tall, live in a tree, and in the human world. This might seem cliché to some, but after reading about 4 series with the same background information and whatnot, I am quite sick of it. This was considered a breath of fresh air for me!

Knife was too precious. She reminds me of a little child who I want to hug and pamper. The innocence of not knowing anything in the human world, the batch of new emotions surfacing when she meets Paul, that made me want to read more. But of course, human size she can probably kick my butt. The way she handles her tasks, her confrontation with humans, the way she tried to solve the mystery of the ever declining fairy race, it was tres magnifique!

The characters surrounding Knife were as equally impressive and divine. Each had a motive, a purpose, and executed it in a wonderful fashion.

The plot complex, well as complex as you can without boring anyway. The descriptive language was there. The build up in storyline, the climax, the ending, was…sigh. I cannot simply tell you how wonderful it all was. Read it. Just grab a copy and read it.

Overall: Faery Rebel impressed me and I eagerly wait for the sequel! It was a stunning piece of work that R.J. Anderson should be proud of.

Cover A-
My friend oh-ed and ah-ed over this cover so I do think that it is quite eye-catching.

EDIT: Based on the comments so far, I feel ironic is some way. Personally I really do not like the cover--in person it is quite better, but it still did not sell me.


  1. I knew that even you would love this one. ;P

  2. nice review :) way better than the one i wrote months ago xD

    but isnt this book just fantastic? cant wait for the sequel :)

  3. LOVE your review, Yan! YEAH to the high rating. It really is a GREAT story. I just love the relationship between Knife and Paul and how it grows.

    Much better review than I could do!

  4. So here's what I'm gonna do: Gonna stop reading my current read and start Faery Rebels. Yup. (Don't tell, please! :D)

    PS. I hate you for writing such an awesome review! :P

  5. This book sounds really good. Thanks for the awesome review. I'll be keeping my eye on it.

  6. This sounds like a great book! I will have to look for it.

  7. I totally agree with your rating and review! It's funny that your brother should mention that, because now I can totally see Disney making a movie out of it. It's rather Tinker Bell-ish, no?

  8. yeah, cover doesn't thrill me :\ but I've been hearing a LOT about this book, so I'll read it anyway :)

  9. This cover never did it for me, but if you liked the novel so much, maybe I will check it out.

  10. The cover didn't call my attention but there are so many good reviews about this one so I think I'll give it a try.

  11. Wonderful review! I might want to get this book. =)

  12. I love your cover. Have you seen the UK version? So disappointing!

  13. Great review. I totally like the UK cover better.

  14. I love this book. It made me cry twice, so it gets bonus points. ;)

  15. Thanks for a great review to turn me onto this book. I'll have to pick it up. Sounds like fun.