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Sunday, April 5, 2009

New Criteria

So Carol and I have been noticing a slight non-interest to the April Fools contests. The theory is that the words "well-written" has been frightening many away so we are now taking any forms of answers. If it is well-written then that's a bonus! I would really appreciate it if you can either blog about it or just spread the word around! We still have many more interviews left and I will post a last minute round-up to collect all entries! For now enjoy reading!



  1. Hey now, are we uninterested or simply perfecting our awesome answers for you and Carol? It takes months for perfection! :P

    You girls are nuts! And I'm more scared each and every day! (Also, thoroughly impressed with the enthusiasm of all your guest authors!)

    And you needn't have asked - I've already posted this on my sidebar because the logo is just too amazing :)

  2. Oh, yay!! I don't like when contests aren't random because some people are just better writers than other, even if they put in less effort, you know? So this is cool. :)