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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Down and Dirty

We are wrapping things up with Sharon, the stripping cat-lady-zombie-freak person.
Why do you strip? Is it to boost your confidence?
I strip to keep all of my zombie kittens fed. I have 101 zombie kittens and I can't afford to take care of them. So I have to dance for the money or else they will eat my brains! I like my brains and prefer that they would not be dinner for a bunch of hungry zombie kittens!

What is your favorite song to strip to? Is it Stripper by the Soho Dolls?
Yes! How did you know? Have you seen me strip before? I know you have because this is my favorite song to dance to! Yan and Carol are naughty perverts!

Did you take formal classes to work on the poles?
Yes I took pole dancing classes at Julliard. My professor was very strict. If I was even a minute late she would make me hang from the pole by my feet for an hour.

Do you like to slide up and down the pole or to hump it?
Both, but you guys already know that since you come to see me all the time! *naughty!

Lap dances or pole dances?
Well Carol prefers watching me work on the pole. Yan on the other hand loves to get lap dances from me. (EDIT from Carol: So not true. I prefer you giving me all your books or watching your zombie cats bite you. Actually, I prefer the second one :D)(EDIT for Yan: I agree with Carol!)

Do you use other accessories like fans?
Sometimes I like to dress up like a cat. I wear whiskers, ears, and a tale. I get huge tips from Alea who has a "thing" for my kitten costume.

Do you ever do the deed with your customers?
No comment! (EDIT from Carol: Yes! She likes having a foursome with Alea, Yan, and Khy!)(EDIT from Yan: We call it Poker Night Carol! Get your mind out of the gutter!)

Do you have someone else join you on stage?
Fellow ya blogger Khyrinthia loves to dance on stage with me. The costumers go crazy for a her bangs and glasses look.

Are your boobs real?
Yes! My 38 GG boobs are 100% REAL! (EDIT from Carol: *coughliarcough*)

Doesn't it hurt to crush your boobs against the pole?
Sometimes but Alea really loves that too and she gives the best tips.

Do you wax uh everything? Do you grease yourself before taking the stage?
I prefer not to shave at all it makes me cat costume more realistic. The same thing with grease. Cats are not greasy!

Do your customers follow the no-touchy rule or do they ignore it?
Most follow this rule except for a few freaks...*Shalonda *coughcough

Where do you stuff the money?
You guys know where you put the money already. Stop acting all innocent!

Do you have quickies in the storage room in between breaks?
If by quickies you mean a little fun with Yan then, yes. (EDIT: Yan has no idea what Sharon is talking about) (EDIT from Carol: Yes, Yan does know very well what Sharon is talking about. Yan is a beast when it comes to quickies. I know. I accidentally caught the two of 'em. It's a sight I'll never forget *shudders*) (EDIT from Yan: Carol is just jealous. Wait. I meant that Carol is a compulsive liar :D)

If you couldn't strip what would you do? If I couldn't strip my zombie kittens would eat my brains and I would either die and turn into a flesh eating zombie. *nomnom

Do you take house calls?
Only for special clients like Shalonda who like for things to get a little freaky.
Sharon is also giving away a special little ARC on her blog! She didn't leave anything to give on for this April Fools week so throw some rotten tomatoes to her for me!

EDIT: Sharon found the pictures! Not I!


  1. Oh no, Alea, we've been found out!

    But I love all of you. :)

  3. LOL! How the hell did I get pulled into this insanity! Psychos! :P

  4. I feel you Alea! You and I are the only innocent bloggers and we get pulled into this! Sharon, my evil twin sister, must be jealous of us angels! 0:-)

  5. But Sharon I still love you! LOL

  6. My eyes are melting....melting...


    What about me?!

  8. Oh yes, Khy too!

    But I think we're the only ones!

    And dang Sharon, I just got out of church!!! :-D

  9. Khy isn't innocent! She's a pet eater!

  10. No, I am an ACTRESS. An innocent actress, who played the role of a pet eater.

  11. Shalonda: innocent church goer by day, closet nympho by night.

  12. Hahahahaha! I am just glad I wasn't pulled into this insanity! But it gave me tons of giggles! :P

  13. I am SO glad these are over! NOT! :)

    WHERE did you get the pictures? they're just wrong!

  14. Oh, how funny. Loved it. Thanks for the laughs.

  15. I have never laughed so hard in my life. That is sickly hilarious! But, y'all know I love you!

  16. You guys are insane. Hilarious, but insane none the less.