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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Run Or She'll Kill You!

Run for your lives! Cindy Pon the killer clown has arrived!
What made you become a killer clown?
Because that's what all clowns do.

What's your clown name?
Cavorting cupcake

What type of make up do you use?
Organic fruit juices. sometimes raw eggs.

What color wig?
Purple, of course.

Do you wear the ridiculous red nose?
I am blessed naturally with one!

Where do you get your fugly costumes from?
My grandma in the attic hand sews and beads and bedazzles all of my wondrous costumes. *twirls*

How long does it take you to get into your full costume?
I am NEVER out of costume. Except when I visit the doctor every 3.6 years.

Do you wear the giant shoes?
I have GIANT TOES so yes, I wear the giant shoes.

Do you own a fake flower that shoots water? What about those annoying hand buzzers?
I'm starting to become a little offended. I mean, I'm a professional clown. OF COURSE I have all these things. I also have a whoopee cushion permanently attached to my giant rump!

Do you hide your weapons behind props like your fake flower?
Inside my giant purple hair is the best spot.

How do you choose your next victim? Is it the most annoying kid?
*looks at you quietly*

Do you like to get a bunch of them and give them a riddle and whoever gets it wrong, dies?
What? Where are you hearing this kind of clown slander from? Nobody dies, as long as they follow the rules and answer the riddles. And stay away from rain gutters. nobody ever dies.

What do you use the balloons for? Do you feed them to the kids so they can choke on them?
Nah. I'm just addicted to helium.

Do you use pies hide poison in them? If so, do you make them yourself? Fave flavor?
I bake all my own pies! No poison! I am a friendly clown! My favorite flavors are SEA URCHIN and CHICKEN FEET savory pies. some may argue that that is poison itself. I would say there is no accounting for taste.

Can you kill Yan for me, please?
*squirts lethal gas at Yan with whoopee cushion*

Are you a con-artist as well? What about a pickpocket--are you one of them? Do you belong in a clown mafia? If so, what's your rank?
I work on my own. Everyone else just messes up my game. My title : CAVORTING CUPCAKE CLOWN CUEEN (that's pronounced like QUEEN--in case you were too dumb to figure it out. =)

Do you know of a clown named Buzzy down by the bridge?
Buzzy was made redundant two months ago.

What kind of car do you use for a fast getaway? Can it really fit all those clowns?
I drive a banana polka-dotted beetle.

Did you attend a clown camp? Or was this a family business?
I do not need "clown camp". *snorts* All my clown talents are god given. It runs in the blood, it does.

How do you dispose of the body?
*looks down at Yan*

I never do that part. =) I just run away fast.

Do you kill pets as well? If so, can you kill Sharon's cats?
Oh my. NEVER! I love animals! =D
Cindy is giving away a copy of her book Silver Phoenix, which I know many of you really want! This is an INTERNATIONAL giveaway!

All you need to do is answer the following question: What's your clown name?

The winning entry will need to have creativity, execution, and by far the most important, humor. Meaning this is NOT a random giveaway. There is no limit to how much you can write or how little you need to write.

For a second chance to win, head on over to Carol's blog where you will receive a second question to answer. Please leave the answer to her question on HER blog. Only one winner will be chosen from the combined entries (meaning we will pick one winner from all the entries from both mine and her blog).

All entries (for all the giveaways) must be received, via commented or emailed, by 25th of April. Winners will be announced at the same time later that week.

EDIT: Cindy is also giving away some bookmarks to the runner-up!


  1. My name is Clownsen Carpoodle! I know my mother a famous clown gave me that amazing name! I don't blame you if you are JEALOUS! Mwahahahaha!!!!

    -Senfaye :)

  2. I don't have a clown name to enter (sorry, I've been too sick to be creative) but I did want to say I loved that clown interview.

  3. The Dashing Devil! I know, what kind of clown name is that? Well let me tell you, I am an absolutely dashing clown! Wait, you say, can clowns be dashing? Of course! I am the pride among us clowns because honestly, who would want to look at the other ugly, non-exciting clowns all day? That is where I come in!

    As a killer clown, I shall hypnotize you with my dashing-ness and then make you do humiliating things. Once I'm tired of you, I will kill you with my magical, dashing ways cause after all, I'm the devil!

  4. keep the entries coming! =D so glad you enjoyed my secret killer clown identity interview, sadako. i had fun!!

  5. *sigh* Just when you think you know someone...Cin...wow. I will never be able to look at your beautiful second-hand-prom-dress pics again...

    My clown name is Silly-Jilly von Bendie.

  6. Victor Vicious, the Mad Vitamin Stealer
    I just can't help myself....

  7. My name is Leghorn Laundering Lying Laughing Laina Leroy... or is it?

  8. I don't know if I'd be a great clown. A clown has to exaggerate everything they do, from facial expressions, the clothes they wear, and the stunts they pull. Thinking about it is exhausting. So, that being said, I think if I was a clown I'd be a very plain one. Perhaps, I'd dress up in a business suit, put on a red nose, and shoes a few sizes to big. When people ask for my name, I'd tell them I'm Normi Plaino and make them a balloon dog.

    ~ Popin

  9. My name would be SCORCHERS and my trick would be a flame shooting flower.

    It would be classic. You think you're getting water...but then you're not.



  10. I would just like to leave some Cindy love here. I've read SILVER PHOENIX and I think it is one of the most awesome books I've read this year so far. Go Cindy!


  11. I loved the interview.

    My clown name is Kourageous Katie Kopsicle. I leapt out of a building for my red nose, in my dreams. Kopsicle just sound cool, like popsicle.

    But most people call me pant-splitter. Pretty self explanatory really. One tight pair of trousers, too many bananas eaten (well how else was I meant to get the banana skins?) and a slip over (stupid damn banana skin) and my new nickname was created.

  12. My clown name? Krazee Kay, maybe. Or Amber Dexter the Ambidextrous. ;)

    karenkincy [at] hotmail [dot] com

  13. I'm Jemima Winthripple, but you can call me Kaycee. That's what they used to call me at the hospital, and it stuck.

  14. They call me Handy Sandy around these parts. I think it's because I wear big white gloves. They made my MO so easy when I strangled the clown who dared to call Shotgun every single time the twelve of us went out for dinner in the Mini Cooper.

    Oops. Did I say that out loud?

  15. My clown name is Mad Melancholy Melanie. Think all clowns go around laughing? Not so, my friend. My madness enables me to do things most clowns wouldn't even think about (tight ropes are nothing), and my sadness is just, well... SAD!


  16. I think I'd be named York Rotch (haha got the idea from your clown picture, and if you don't get it, just say it out loud). I'm a killer clown because I like to give children candy! Or should I say... "candy" ;)


  17. Cream Puff Banana Pie, I love pie and like throwing it at people faces. BEWARE.


  18. In a vain bid to win Silver Phoenix I'd like to claim the clown name of "Goody Two Shoes" ... the funny thing is I'm not actually good.

  19. Thank you for a great giveaway. I would love to win. My clown name would be Chaotic. THank you

  20. They call me Skuzzlebutt Snarkonious the Third, Jr. and my Volkswagen bends time and space. Step inside, kiddies! You too, Cindy! Don't worry, you'll fit... we'll ALL fit... muah hahahahahahah hahahahahahahaha heh hmm.

    mary at kidlit dot com

  21. My clown name is Talulah Sparklethighs!!!

    ... wait, no, my bad. That's my stripper name.

    My real clown name is Morbid Moosalezzerina. It's okay, most kids have issues pronouncing my last name. It's why I'm so unpopular at the parties.

    *walks away morosely*


  22. I'm called Makeup Artist. I like using the same shade as my skin when I do my makeup. And I like putting eyeliner on as close to the lashes as possible. And I put my lipstick ACTUALLY on my lip. It's too bad that all of the other clowns won't let me do their makeup. I mean, I look dazzling with my makeup on, all of the other clowns just look like...clowns and it is SOO disgusting!

  23. Zapadu (Zap-uh-doo) Moriarty...I'm a bit of a 80s glam rock clown who got depressed one day and now looks a little too much like a vampire to pull off the full HEY! KIDS!! joyful routine... But I do still get jobs.