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Monday, April 13, 2009

Cold Hands, Warm Heart

Cold Hands, Warm Heart by Jill Wolfson (April 14th 2009—Henry Holt)

Grade: 2.5 stars out of 5

Summary: “Dani was born with her heart on the wrong side of her body. In her fifteen years of life, she’s had more doctor’s appointments, X-rays, and tests, and eaten more green hospital Jell-O than she cares to think about. Fourteen-year-old Amanda is a competitive gymnast, her body a small package of sleek muscles, in perfect health. The two girls don’t know each other, don’t go to the same school, don’t have any friends in common. But their lives are about to collide.”

Review: Cold Hands, Warm Heart was a tolerable read but straining itself from the “I am about to trash it” side. While the idea is innovative, it lacks the finer details.

There was so much going on. It had about 5 different points of views, 3 side stories, and a romance, a funeral, a revelation, and a whole bunch of other stuff thrown in. There was no definite cohesion and nothing but a thin thread connecting all the stories together. At points the author gets overly descriptive for some of the characters’ appearance but then becomes stark and face-the-fact. The ending was lackluster and the opening was bland.

But there are some strong points to this book. The emotional appeal can captivate many and the chameleon-like voices—switching from child like to the mature adult, was compelling to the keen eye.

Here’s a fun little quote that I thought I might share with you:
“Only he had eaten a peanut-butter cracker and a few crumbs were still in his mouth. He doesn’t know that you’re allergic to peanuts because you didn’t tell him. You thoughts it would make you seem kind of lame. So while you’re kissing, you go into allergic shock…you die from a kiss.”

Pray tell, is anyone else thinking what I am thinking? This is little quote reminds me of a young adult book…Can anyone guess which?

Overall: Not sure exactly what to say.

Cover D
I am sorry but if I ever saw this in the store I would not give it a second glance.


  1. haha its Kisses and Lies! Or the book before Kisses and Lies, but I haven't read it so I can't think of the name. That's what the quote reminded me of at least lol.

  2. I would walk right past that cover too!

  3. It looks like a medical book but that quote sounds pretty fun.

  4. Why do I get the feeling Amanda the sleek gymnast bites the big one?

  5. Haven't heard about this one but at first sight it doesn't call my attention.

  6. I'm someone who pretty much adores this book precisely because it has so many points of view and side stories. It's not just about Dani and dead-too-soon Amanda--it's about all the ripples out from an organ donation. May I respectfully suggest that where one reader sees lack of cohesion, other readers may find fascinating complexity.
    The cover? Ack, it's a bit polarizing. People either like it or hate it.

  7. Hi
    Sorry to post off topic but I just wanted to let you know that I nominated your blog for a Lovely Blog award

  8. Hey Anon! I'm glad you like it! I am not discriminate books but to simply voice my opinion. There are probably many people who love this book and sadly I was not one. Thank you for the comment!

  9. Kiss Me, Kill Me? I thought the same too. I liked the book okay, as I did enjoy the aspect of transplants...but I do agree that there were parts that weren't too great and it was an okay/pretty good book for me overall.

    I actually liked the other point o of views, because it gives a look into the small people that helped make a difference in these people's lives you know? It's not JUST about the donor and the person that gets the organ.

    Yeahhh the cover isn't great. Is that the final version? I sure hope!