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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Destroy all Cars

Destroy all Cars by Blake Nelson (May 1, 2009--Scholastic Press)

Grade: 3 stars out of 5

"James Hoff likes to rant against America's consumerist culture. He also likes to rant against his ex-girlfriend, Sadie, who he feels isn't doing enough to change the world. But just like he can't avoid buying things, he also can't avoid Sadie for long. This is a fantastic, funny, sexy, cool masterpiece from one of the best YA writers at work today, an anti-consumerist love story that's all about idealism, in both James's relationship with the world and his relationships with the people around him."

Destroy All Cars was quite a liberal piece of work. James is irrational and rational at the same time, with his cut-off sweaters, he reminded me of the kid in the back row. The one that makes you wonder, is he doing that on purpose or just for the heck of it? And with his ways of not shampooing his hair, and talk about the corrupt nature of humans you tend to shy away from characters such as he.

One of the strongest points of this book has to be James's essays. The reader gets a great sense of his personalities from his monologue. And let me tell you, he does have a lot of things to say. From hobos to soccer moms James tells all on how this society works. Which brings me back to the question if James is as real as it seems.

Outside of his snide humor, the actual book was lack-luster. I really did not care for Sadie nor the other girls. The teacher, I have to admit, added some type of humor besides James.

Overall: Destroy All Cars seemed to be more of random assortment into a guy's mind. Odd humor, thought-worthy topics, Destroy All Cars was a book to be read on a whim.

Cover: C+


  1. Hmmm I'm about 3/4 of the way through and I love this kid. We might not be on the same rating road anymore :/

  2. i thought this looked really good but now i'm not so sure. Though you are unusually harsh :)

  3. I was a little iffy on this, one. Glad I read your review, it helped me make up my mind.

  4. I have this on my TBR pile. And it's just fallen further down the list.

  5. Ok I'm done and I really liked it! But I could see how other people might not.

  6. I recently added this to my list based on a glowing review, but I like going into a book after reading differing opinions.