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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Want To Step In The Ring?

This time it's Sarah Ockler! Be prepare to pee in your pants.
So I hear that before you were an author you had a job for WWE. Is that true?

Well... not officially. Here's the thing. I kept trying out, but I never made it past the auditions. I wasn't "strong" enough, they said. Not enough "muscle" they said. Strong? Muscle? Whatevs! Well I showed them. For six weeks I dressed up like the janitor, snuck in the back way, changed into my costume in the supply closet, and squeezed myself right into the lineup. Eventually one of the other Divas discovered my scam and ratted me out, the police were involved, very messy ending, etc.

The good news is that the restraining order expires next month, so I can audition again! *Crosses fingers!*

What was your stage name?
The Write Hook

Your secret technique?
I threw the book at them. Literally!

Your worst outfit?
Definitely the janitor duds. Shapeless olive green jumpsuit and cap.
Skulking about in the smelly garbage room. *So* not flattering.

Did you like those cute costumes?
Oh I <3 Bikinis or tights?

Booty shorts or leather pants?
Whatever was on hand. I mean, since I wasn't *technically* supposed to be there, I didn't have an official costume. I had to improvise. A lot. Usually I just dug through my old Halloween costumes until I found something that worked. So there was Bat Girl WWE Diva, which had leather pants. Madonna Diva, booty shorts. Strawberry Shortcake Diva, red and white striped tights. You get the idea.

What about boa feathers?
Boa feather pants? Hmmm. Not sure how that would work but I'd keep an open mind and give it a try.

Your muscle mass?
Erm, is this like some sort of religious thing?

Do you have a six pack?
Sure, but it's more like a 12-pack. A kind of bendy, sideways 12-pack.

Body slam or slamming with a chair?
If the book wasn't around, I'd give 'em the chair for sure.

Do you like to give the crowd a bit of some love before you perform?
Nah, I'm more the silent brooding intellectual type. I like to keep a bit of mystery about me - keep 'em guessing.

The Rock or John Cena?
The Rock, as in Alcatraz? Hey, it was only a restraining order. It's like they *arrested* me or anything. Man, people can be so judgmental!

Wrestling a woman or a man?
Man. Women are way too catty. They'll cut you, those girls!

Tag team or alone?
I prefer to fly solo.

Will you beat up Yan for me? (This was Carol's question!)
Hmmm. I guess I could squeeze back into the leather pants and give hera run around the ring for you. More just to scare her than to hurt her, though. Would that work?

Who do you think you can beat at wrestling?
Babies. I can totally win against babies. They're all "goo goo ga ga la la la blurp blurp eeee" and then BAM! They never see it coming.

Have you ever mud wrestled? was it fun?
This one time, at band camp... I mean, never mind. No. No I did NOT mud wrestle, and you shouldn't either! *cough*

Why did you quit?
I didn't want to, but the whole restraining order thing made it impossible. *Sigh*

Anything else you want to the add?
The life of a WWE Diva is rough and tumble, but if you're determined, persistent, slightly crazy, and willing to engage in a little shadiness to get in there, you, too, can make your dreams come true inside the ring!


Sarah "The Write Hook" Ockler
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All you need to do is answer the following question: What is your stage name and your secret technique?

The winning entry will need to have creativity, execution, and by far the most important, humor. Meaning this is NOT a random giveaway. There is no limit to how much you can write or how little you need to write.

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  1. You can definitely tell Carol came up with these questions. xD

  2. *snort. I'll have you know that I did help with some of these questions errr some of them. Carol is a bully!!!! xD

    p.s. she isn't :P

  3. My name is The Mirage Diamond. I like to wear sparkly outfits and try to blind the opponent. My special technique: Go for the nuts!

  4. I am simply the Unknown. After all, how can my opponents possibly hope to win if can't name who they beat? My secret technique is that I only train against the guys, not the Divas. That way, not only can I hold my own in a fight with the guys, but I'm physically far better than the girls.

  5. I am known as the ROUGH and TOUGHER because I am alway's rough, and I can alway's get tougher.

    But sometimes my name gets misunderstood for...*cough* other things.

    But despite what other's say it makes sense.

    And they fear me.


  6. Aww, Kelsey took mine, which I already posted about on Carol's blog. So my name is The Pink Princess and I too blind my opponent with bright pink sequins. My technique is the sit on them and when possible, hop up and down.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. My wrestling name is Stewart. Because to me, Stewart kinda conjures up an image of a short guy with glasses- maybe an accountant or a math teacher.
    Then I get out there and they're not expecting
    1. a girl
    2. a girl in an awesome Spiderman outfit (cuz who would expect that?)
    or 3. to get whooped before they've stopped laughing in anticipation of killing "Stewart"

    Forgot to mention my secret technique: showing up instead of a typical Stewart!


  9. I'm the Vegetater! Now one must ask, what the heck kind of name is that?? You see, my secret technique is throwing vegetables at my opponent! If they try to attack me, I would shove a bunch of carrots and celery down their throat!

    ...It's a healthy attack okay!

  10. My name is Secret Agent Man, and my special technique is making people dance. People are so busy dancing to my awesome theme song that starts the moment I walk in any room that they don't even see me coming!


  11. I am known as THE TELEKINETIC. Because I use telekinesis to bend them. Oh, yeah. I bend them alright. I bend them like a malleable metal spoon.

    You know, like in The Matrix.

    Ohh yeah, I'm THE TELEKINETIC alright.

  12. My stage name is Sparkely Princess, I wear shiny clothes so my opponent gets blinded, and when I compete againest guys I charm them with my looks and then blindside them with my amazing skills.


  13. My stage name is Jessica Alba because whenever I'm up against guys, when they hear the name they start to drool profusely and start to daydream about.. well, I'd rather prefer to not think about what goes on in a guy's head. Anyways, then that leads to my secret technique, where I can simply just kick them and they fall right over since they're busy thinking about... whatever weird, perverted guys think about.


  14. The Naughty Nerd - I blind them with science!

  15. My stage name is...

    drum roll please!!

    ....Poison Rose

    And my secret weapon is to make them do waltz with me, then, when it comes time to stick a rose in there mouths, I give them one that's is full of sleeping potion! It works every time, as long as I were bright red lipstick and a fancy black dress, they can't resist dancing with moi!


  16. I am...The Buster!!!!
    *cue ominous music*

    I filibuster. Many Bills have been defeated.

  17. I am THE BEAST!!! Fear THE BEAST or face my wrath!!! My special technique?! I am a shapeshifter! If you have any fear of any creature; wolf, snake, or any fearsome beast, I am your worst nightmare. I can also do a Britney Spears, and in my opinion that is much scarier.

  18. Oops.

    My e-mail: paradoxrevealed (at) aim (dot) com

  19. Oh I'm Irony and my special ability would be going to people's homes, especially bald people's and ask them to buy a comb just like a salesman.

  20. Coconut Cascade....and I can fall off of really high things withough injuring myself--but I can also knock people out really well :D (you know, like coconuts falling off tress?).

    And as a bonus, I slways smell really nice :)