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Thursday, June 11, 2009

15 Things That You Should Not Do

I am officially finished with my finals, am almost a senior (when's Move Up Day!?), so I would like to pass my wisdom onto the youngsters.


1. Stay AWAY from the computer!
It only causes pain and misery once the tests are placed in front of you. The internet is a big NO-NO.

2. Do NOT talk to blogger friends for an extensive periods of time. coughSharonLauracough

3. Do NOT worry about blogger.
I cannot tell you how much time I wasted constantly worrying about my blog and T2T (which is now down for the moment in case anyone was trying to access it). Of course if you listen to my first rule #2 and 3 would not apply to you anymore!~

4. Do NOT space out or daydream in the middle of studying.
Case in point this one time I zoned out for some time while preparing for Precalculus finals. I tried to imagine what would grinding popcorn kernels, making them into patties, breading them, and then chicken style frying them would taste like.

10. Do NOT forget anything!*
I remember having this conversation with a friend that went something like this:

15. Do NOT make these lists while preparing for your finals.
This is what we would stupidity to the infinite power.

*If anyone is wondering what happened to 5-9 and 11-14 I think we may have to probe your brain.


  1. Haha, great post. I should be paying attention but I only have one test left and it's next week :D

    You have some blog awards:

  2. All I want is popcorn now. That's what I got from this. Thanks a lot.

  3. Haha. I should keep this in mind, although I doubtfully will follow it. :P Exams next week which means I'll be entering Gr. 11 next year (I guess I am considered a youngster then). Gah. Being a senior seems so... woah. It just seems that everything just flies by.

    You're lucky you finished your finals though. :) And thanks for the rules which I won't be following but are entertaining nonetheless.

    - Alex

  4. lol. nice list. I have 2 more exams tomorrow, and then I'm done. And officially a Junior :)

  5. oh my god I didn't even notice the number thing until read that at the end! uh wow!

    Popcorn is nasty so anything you can do to it can only improve it. I don't talk that much either! so there! :P

  6. Oh, that is so funny!! I love the conversation with your friend!! XD

    Mmmm, deep fried popcorn... hmm, you know, if you used a heavy-duty food processor, or even a coffee grinder might work, I think you could grind it really fine. You'd just need something to bind it together. Why am I giving this serious thought?