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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thursday Hugs (2)

We're back with another round of Thursday Hugs. Thursday Hugs is a retaliation by me against all the negative thoughts that have been going on through this community. This time the topic is in making friends.

How has books and blogging affected you when making friends? Especially when it concerns making friends through the book blogging community?

Wow. So that question definitely wasn't confusing at all! Anyway here's my answer. While books and blogging are a great start to build a friendship I don't think it always depends on that. Four-fifths of my close friends hate books as in if it touches them they sizzle. Getting them to read is like bathing them in acid. The other fifth read only 2 books per year outside of school, at max. This can also apply vice versa--not everyone who loves books I like. Sure we both like to read but aside from that we tend to clash. So I think books are a great starting point especially when meeting someone new. but it cannot be the krazy glue that will stick those two people together.

Making friends in this community is a whole other story. Everyone knows everyone here likes books. So what can be the divider from making friends with every single blogger? Personality is one. Some people and I just click. We can make other laugh, smile, and sometimes pour our problems to them. It's all a matter of how often you talk to each other. I talk to some bloggers daily--once a day or some sort, so of course we know a lot of the smaller details. It's all about how well you connect with he or she.

Friends are awesome. Having close friends are even better! I've meet, well talk to some wonderful people that I can definitely associate as close friends. But I also have close friends outside of blogging.

So what's your opinion? Do you have some really close friends in this community? Do you think blogging/books can bring people together? Let me hear what you say! Just leave a link in the comments.


  1. I think books can bring people together.

    I've known my best friend for 10 years. We used to dislike each other, until we found that we both loved Tamora's Pierce books and we became best friends. Even now, we go to the library to hang out (and use the free internet and charger).

  2. I think books can definitley bring people together or help you make friends. It's nice to have some friends that you have things in common with and both enjoy. I love talking about books with other bloggers I've met through the internet!

  3. I have become good friends with some bloggers.

    I think that similar interests of any kind (whether it be books, karate, whatever) bring people together. I am just so glad that I've had the opportunity to communicate with bloggers like yourself who also share a love for reading!

    Great topic!

  4. I Definately Believe Books Bring People Together... I Actually Met My Best Friend Waiting In Line To Get My Book Signed By Amelia Atwater-Rhodes... One Of Our Fave Authors Of Course... We've Been Inseperable Since!! Also, If I follow Your Blog It's Because I Consider You A Friend.. Heck!! You Like What I Like!! Books!! LOL!!

  5. Ha funny that you should bring this topic up now. I'm writing about the same topic for my randombuzzers post. :3

  6. I've yet to find close friends in the community but I love meeting the people that love books just like me or even more than me. You're one of them :)

  7. This is a nice topic! Since I do best friendship-wise when things are at a distance--i.e. you leave me a comment, I get back to you when I can, etc.--this whole writing-oriented blogosphere friendship approach really works for me. I can express myself a lot better in my writing than when I talk. :X Also, I've never known people who love YA books as much as I do, so it's so nice to be able to share the excitement about books with people, even if you've never met them face-to-face. I often have trouble transferring online friendships to live friendships, but I'm satisfied with having different groups of friends and different ways of communicating with them. :)

  8. Terrific topic, Yan! I'm still new to this world of blogging, but have made some great blogging friends.

    I love to read, but don't really have friends who read... sorta like acid, Yan!

    After all the frustration trying to "convert" my friends to read, I've realized, it just isn't worth the stress.

    Meeting so many terrfic bloggers has been encouraging. Some I email to reach out to them to see how they are, make friends, to discuss books & just touch base.

    I think this is the perfect way to connect w/ my book enablers. lol.

    As for you, Yan, you are one of the brightest diamonds glittering until the sun!


  9. I was amazed at well I clicked with all the bloggers I met at BEA. Lots of cool people in the book blog community!

  10. Great post. There are some people I consider blogging friends. I also have friends outside of the blogging community who love to read. I have others that can't be bothered with the school book they were meant to read for the tests. Everyone is different. However, I love talking books with my friend. But it's not the sole basis of our conversations.

  11. I love to read these blogs, but I'm a horrible blogger myself. Although, I'm still new to this. As for friends and books...sadly, almost all my friends hate reading.