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Friday, June 26, 2009

Second Skin

Second Skin by Jessica Wollman (July 14th 200—Delacorte)

Grade: 3.5 stars out of 5

Summary: “Beauty is only skin deep. Popularity goes much deeper. . . .

Appearances can be deceiving. Sam Klein’s found that out firsthand. All she wanted was to be popular. But sometimes what we want is the absolute worst thing for us.

Sam discovers that Kylie, It-girl of Woodlawn High, owes her popular status not to her expensive clothes, highlighted hair, and spot on the cheerleading squad but to a magical second skin. Nobody can actually see it—but they can feel it. And if you’re wearing the skin, you feel incredible. Invincible. Popularity is yours.

So Sam stole the skin from Kylie. Now she’s the most popular girl at school, while Kylie’s social life takes a serious hit. Sam can barely recognize herself. Her old geek clique is history—but are her new friends really people she can count on? The skin is clinging tighter to her each day . . . can Sam get it off before it’s too late?”

Review: This book was weird. It was like an extraterrestrial life-form came to Earth and crawled onto unsuspecting teenage girls.

Second Skin told of a girl who wanted to be popular and she’s desperate. Desperate enough that she’s willing to steal a Skin. Not just any skin but the Skin. The one that transform you from nobody and somebody.

Sam grows through a journey where she questions if popularity is what she truly wants. I mean she practically destroyed her old friendship and instead made new ones that was every bit as cliché as a teenage reality TV series—bimbos. Sam develops and realizes what true friends are and is finally released from her imprisonment in the Second Skin. Because duh, that’s her heroines are supposed to do!

The book was a light and quick read from start to finish. Cute but nothing sickeningly sweet. I love the extra food fact, go green statements, and the choice to support independent businesses (because we’re all about the Indie Bookstores).

Overall: Simple but cute.

Cover B
At first I couldn’t understand why the girl was so glittery! But of course you had to read the book to figure that out (psst it’s the Second Skin). Like the borders, the bright pink, not too much, just the right amount. The cheerleader theme because they represent popularity. Very clean.


  1. This actually sounds pretty cool. From first glance, it seems pretty light and fluffy, but it's neat that there's actual depth to the plot!

  2. The subject is old but I really like the idea of skin stealing, sounds quite creepy. The cover is too bright, I couldn't see much :(

  3. Sounds like a strange book. And I never really liked the cover.

  4. Weird! Sounds pretty interesting though. Definitely not what I thought it was going to be about, considering the cover.

  5. I loathe the cover -- F. The cover is not calling my name. I know not to judge a book by its cover, but... it is what it is.

  6. This sounds pretty good, but the cover is weird!