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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Waiting on Wednesday! (16)

Before any one starts preparing their wise-cracks, I am aware that it is Thursday. Anyway my pick for this week is...

Lady MacBeth's Daughter by Lisa Kein (October 13th 2009--Bloomsbury)

"Albia has grown up with no knowledge of her father, the powerful thane Macbeth, and her mother, the grief-wracked Grelach. Instead she knows the dark lure of the Wychelm Wood and the moors, where she’s been raised by three strange sisters. The ambitious Macbeth seeks to know his fate,and Albia’s life becomes tangled with that of the man who leaves in his wake nothing but bloodshed. When Albia learns that she has the second sight, she must decide whether to ignore the terrible future she foresees—or to change it.

With only the shepherd Colum to aid her, Albia sets out on a journey fraught with peril. Will she be able to save the man she loves from her murderous father? Can she forgive her parents their wrongs, or must she destroy them?"

What sold me was the part of the 3 weird coughcrazycough sisters~

This meme is hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine!


  1. OOOhhh!! I read her Ophelia like a year or so ago and it's sooooo good! Im excited for this! Thanks for posting:-)

  2. This sounds like an interesting read :)
    Great WoW post.

  3. Aww they had tons of these at BEA! I'm reading it now, it seems pretty good so far.

  4. I am from South Africa and my first thought was are they SO many hours behind us.And then I came over to check WHERE in the world you are.Now I see,ok,all's right in the world.No blogger from the moon yet!