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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Peace, Love, and Baby Ducks

Peace, Love, and Baby Ducks by Lauren Myracle (May 14th 2009—Dutton)

Grade: 3.5 stars out of 5

Summary: “Growing up in a world of wealth and pastel-tinted entitlement, fifteen-year-old Carly has always relied on the constancy—and authenticity—of her sister, Anna. But when fourteen-year-old Anna turns plastic-perfect-pretty over the course of a single summer, everything starts to change. And there are boys involved, complicating things as boys always do. With warmth, insight, and an unparalleled gift for finding humor even in stormy situations, beloved author Lauren Myracle dives into the tumultuous waters of sisterhood and shows that even very different sisters can learn to help each other stay afloat.”

Review: First off let me say how much I adore this title. Even before reading the summary or seeing the cover image, the title sprang out to me, piqued my interest, and 3 months shazam! review!

So let’s step aside from the title and talk about the book itself. Like the summary states, the main focus is the sisterly love. What I found the most enthralling was the fact that they were scenes that they laughed, teased, and overall acted like true sisters. And then there were scenes where not everything was peachy keen, where they cried, fought, and cried some more. I guess in some ways I can relate to all of this. (My brother and I had our moments and other times we disagreed. In the end siblings are not something you can cut ties with. Like for example when I was 10 or 12 years old I threatened my brother for something idiotic he did. The sad part, or just plain crazy, was I threatened him with a butcher knife. My brother just laughed (who’s the crazy one now?) when I brandished it in his face. It’s all in the past, in no way does that ever come up in our topics.)

What I found, however, not so pleasing was the constant judgment of weight, race, and difference. In some ways by trying to not be the norm you come off as pretentious, by promoting your ideals you surround yourself with rules, constraining everyone around you. I guess I did not like the continuous boob comments, crazy hair comments, and the religion comments.

This brings me to Roger or the other characters. While the others play a small role I found myself favoring Roger quite a lot. He’s deep, soulful, and European. Three awesome combination ever!

Overall: Adorable, cute, and fluffy waffy my cute little duckies (where the hell did that come?).

Cover B
The ducks scare me a bit actually. Beady little eyes penetrating your soul. If you read the book you’ll figure out why there are three little ducks. What I love the most is the fact that the last one is facing the opposite way—you’ll find out in book. The color of the peace is pretty! As well as the design!~


  1. The cover is actually quite interesting, for the fact that the title is spelled with pictures and signs, not actual letters and words. The plot doesn't interest me too much, but it seems like a cute light read for summer. Great review! And haha... scary rubber duckies?

    - Alex

  2. I love the cover and title, too! This one's on my shelf, and I look forward to reading it. I'm not a big fan of Lauren Myracle, but I'll give it a try because it sounds really cute...

  3. I love the ducks, they look so adorable. Gotta go read this one soon, thanks for the review, Yan.

  4. The cover and the title rock. I want to read this one, it sounds good. Thanks for an awesome review :)

  5. Have you seen this cover? http://www.fantasticfiction.co.uk/images/n60/n303364.jpg

    Those ducks are WAY cuter than that one.