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Sunday, June 7, 2009

TLC Book Tour: Starfinder

First off I want to apologize to the coordinator of TLC, Trish, because I agree to post a review of John’s book for the tour. Sadly I neglected my duties and procrastinated for such a large period of time that I was not able to read Starfinder before my tour date. I originally thought that since I am a typically fast reader that I can finish this book in a few hours but then all of my testing came and I just lost track of time. So I profusely apologize for my inept ability to be prepared. However in spite of all this I still present to you a review. If not mine, then who's? My brother's that's who. While I was off in my own little world my older brother actually borrowed Starfinder and read it. So of course I begged and pleaded for him to review it. And well the rest is history. Just a little reminder though, he does not like to write at all. Basically I had to ask him a bunch of questions to which is responded and I formed into coherent (or not so coherent) sentences.
Starfinder by John Marco (May 5th 2009--DAW)

Grade: 4.5 stars out of 5

Summary: "What would life be like if you could fly? Young Moth of Calio wants to know. He’s obsessed with the airships around his mountain home and dreams of becoming a Skyknight one day, to take to the air like his heroes. So begins Starfinder, the first book of The Skylords trilogy.

Not only is it a story of coming of age for the two main protagonists, Moth and his friend Fiona, but it’s also about mankind’s coming of age. The world of Starfinder is very much like our own at the turn of the last century, with steam trains and electricity and budding technologies. And thanks to the inventive genius of Fiona’s grandfather Rendor, humans have finally taken to the sky, not only in giant airships but in small, ornithopter contraptions called dragonflies as well. Not everyone is happy to see mankind’s progress, however.

For thousands of years, the mysterious and powerful race known as the Skylords have jealously guarded their heavenly domain. In all this time, an uneasy peace has existed between humans and Skylords, but Moth and Fiona are about to breach the magical boundary between the two worlds."

Review: Starfinder was an amazing book that brought back childhood memories of wondrous adventure.

The novel was spectacular if not the best teen book I have ever read which considering the fact that this genre is filled with books that I will never ever touch (Twilight) it’s a milestone that I even picked this up.

The plot was beautifully constructed as each event was described in detail and filled with suspense and action. It had an original quality that many Young Adult books lack nowadays—unpredictable at times.

The characters had depth by which was shown through their actions and not by the direct description of their feeling. Unlike other teens books Starfinder differs greatly than that of Twilight (which I fail to see why many teens enjoy). There was no romance this book rather it featured greatly on friendship and care. As for the character development, due to issue that this is a series I can only expect that the development will be over the course of the books rather than just one book.

The main issue would have to be in the naming. Skyhigh, Skylord, and many other sky names can be a bit too much and too confusing. After the first few chapters you get the general feel for it.

I can only say that if you enjoy Narnia which is similar to this novel then you should read it.
Expect a review by moi on this book later on. I plan to read this book even if it kills me


  1. Hah!! I like the twighlight remarks ( I despise that series too). Yet I can see why people like it-it allows them to live vicariously in their otherwise romance-less lives. It's too predictable and meaningless for me to enjoy though.
    Starfinder sounds awesome(great honest review btw) and I loved the chronicles of narnia series ever since I was a kid.
    I sometimes get my sister to read books that I find boring and have to prompt her with questions because she is so clueless as to how to write a review. I may just get this one from the library though...

  2. Great review! Running low on time gets the best of all of us from time to time, so I'm glad your brother could help you out! He must be a good sibling!

  3. It is nice to get reviews from a boy's perspective. Beg your brother for more!!

  4. Sounds like this book was right up your brother's alley! Yay!

  5. I love the review anyhow :D

  6. I'm interested in anything even comparable to Narnia!

    Can't wait to read this and get to step into a new magical wardrobe!!

  7. You did good, Yan. You are a remarkable young lady :}.

    Yay to your brother.