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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursdays Hugs (-0.001)

So I have a quick survey update for you guys. I'm about to discontinue Thursday Hugs mostly because I suck. No really, I do. I thought by hosting the meme every other week I would have enough time to come up with new topics that I can babbler on about, but I was wrong. On so many levels! So instead of Thursday Hugs I'm going to do a new meme, one that would make my blog title proud! (Which by the way, I'm not changing 1) You guys seem to like it (who knows why ;P) and 2) I'm sure everyone is too lazy to change the URL for me, heck I'm probably too lazy to change the URL myself.)

So the new meme will be called: "Books by their Cover"!* HA! Funny isn't it?

Basically here's the set-up. Every Thursday I plan to post a short poem about a book. It describes the book cover and sometimes the plotline. It's up to you to uncover what the book is.

The poem may be easy or it may be hard. By the end of the month I'll pick a winner and he/she gets a prize. Granted I can't give out books on a monthly basis due to the expanses but I can do other things. I'll have a list on my sidebar (it's called "Oh Grab Me!") for the winner to pick from. When I do have a book up for grabs I'll announce it on the first poem for the month. Other than that it's typically what I can find around my room.

Short recap: Post poem. Email me what you think the title and author is. Then I pick a winner. Winner gets to choose a prize. Hazzuh!

Here's a sample poem that I've tested on someone else. They got it relatively fast so it's an easy one I'm guessing.

Breathe in the danger
Exhale the smoke
Below the nimble
Tree is a tale
Red lips lush
Of a man you desire
Let me be covered
In sin

Typically the longer the poem, the easier it is. On some occasions the poem is only 3 lines long. The book is usually something that I've read and reviewed. USUALLY. The meme will commence next month to give me time to write as many poems as possible.

So what do you think!? Love it? Hate it? Throw Yan in a mosh pit and burn her alive!? Can you guess the book!? Since this is a teaser you can just leave a comment~

*If any one has a recommendtion of what the title for the meme should be, let me know. I was half kidding and half serious about "Books by their Cover" (OR! maybe I should add the "s" in cover!!).


  1. Oh man! That is the EASIEST poem EVER~!

  2. This sounds so fantastic! I love it!

  3. Love this idea!

    And yes, the sample poem was very easy, but cute.

  4. Brilliant. I really really love this.

  5. This meme's a great idea. Can't wait for the new month! :)

    - Alex

  6. What a gorgeous blog! Thanks for including SEA on your wishlist. =)


  7. That one is pretty easy, but I love the idea! As for a title, I don't have any ideas for you unfortunately.