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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Books By Its Cover (3)

Paddle Pedal backwards
But move forward
In life
Accept me
For me
My plain
White tee
And me with my

New poem~ Week 3! I think this meme is turning out pretty good! Remember I'll email you if the answer is wrong--if it's right, no response from me! Email me the answer! Poems get progressively harder each week! Next week will be a doozy!


  1. I know the answer but I'm not sure if paddling is the right word! I was thinking rowboats lol!

  2. I was just curious, are you going to post the answers to these poems like at the end of the month after you've drawn the winner? I'm canadian, so I can't win a place in the draw, and I'm just honestly ridiculously curious what the answer to these poems are. XD

  3. I think I know the answer. The word "paddles" directed my thoughts right to the book.