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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My Desk and the Girl Behind the Blog

Sharon tagged me for this meme.

Rules are:
You can't clean your desk
Name 5 bookish things on your desk
Name 5 non bookish things on your desk
Tag five people.

So instead of a picture I did a vlog. Be scared, be very scared. I know I was. The mic. on my digital camera sucks so my voice doesn't exactly sound like that. This is me doing a meme AND completing a dare for the challenge. Between, my desk is naturally clean. My mom breathes down my neck to maintain a certain level of cleanliness in my room.

Bookish items:
1. Another Faust
2. Jumping Off Swings
3. My Souls to Take which the lovely Rebecca sent me
4. Sleepless
5. The Dark Divine
6. Candlewick contact
7. Egmont contact

Non-bookish items:
1. My monkey
2. The duckies that came with Bedeviled
3. Pens/pencils/markers/sharpeners
4. Body spray
5. Friends collage
6. Glue!
7. Eye pillow from muti-talented Katie Alender

The 5 people I tag are:
Carol: It's an easy way to do a vlog. Kill two birds with one stone
Steph Su
Nancy the Ravenous Reader

EDIT: the people I tagged. It's not a vlog meme! It's supposed to be just a picture meme of your desk. I did a vlog 'cause I was dared to do a vlog.


  1. OHH YOU SUCK!!! I have to do a vlog for this feature??

  2. At least you're cute when you're nervous. hehe. If I had to do vlog I would probably puke. Plus my desk is a total disaster area.

    Great job!

  3. What if I don't have a desk? What do I do then?

  4. Hehe ... interesting vlog! I always love it when you can see the actual person, but I'm not brave enough to do one...

  5. I shall come over and swipe teh books on your desk. :D

  6. Great vlog and your desk is so clean and has lots of cute stuff!:)

  7. ohh wow! ou look so adorable... and u hae some really cute stuff on your desk!

    great idea!

  8. I like how you made the meme into a vlog (even if it was for the dare)! It worked out really well. :)

  9. You look so cute, Yan. I want to pinch your cheek :)

    Love the desk!

  10. OMG I see Yan! She has a face! You are adorable Yan, why didn't you want to do that face shot?

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