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Friday, July 10, 2009

Traveling to Teens: Lisa Mantchev

We're traveling with Lisa Mantchev this week! You can find her here and buy her book in your bookstores already!

1. Have you ever performed on stage? Did you have stage fright? So you still have stage fright?
I started doing community theater when I was seven years old.. it was a production of the musical South Pacific, and I played one of the children of Bali Ha'i, which meant I got to dye my hair black and learn Polynesian dancing. When I was younger, I never got nervous. I only started getting stage fright when I got older, when it got harder to memorize all my lines; feeling ill-prepared makes me VERY nervous.

When I go to conventions and speak on panels, I get a little nervous, but again, the better prepared I am (I usually have pages and pages of notes, in case there's a lull in the conversation) the more at ease I feel.

2. Beatrice moved Hamlet to an Egyptian setting. What play have you wished to change?
For my senior these project in college, I did all the production design (costumes, sets, lighting) for a version of Much Ado About Nothing set in post WWII New Orleans, during Mardi Gras, mostly because I love the clothes of that time period, and I thought that Carnival would work perfectly for the Masquerade scene.

I won a Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research for that project, mostly because we (my then-fiancé-and-now-husband and I) rigged everything up to the controller for a model train, so you could run different gel-colored lights up and down on a tiny set that also had people in costume and weensy lamp posts, plus Big Band swing music coming out of the theater model through a portable CD player and tiny speakers...

(Plus, if I was directing Much Ado, I could have Hero punch Claudio in the junk. Because he totally deserved it.)

3. Have you ever wished to dye your hair a flamboyant blue such as Beatrice did?
*G* For the last two years, I've been getting my hair dyed a dark purple with raspberry-red highlights foiled in. And I bought blue extensions for the launch!

4. What childhood memory can you best remember?
Well, the earliest one was from my fourth birthday party... I got this nifty working cash register, and then my sister went and broke it. With her head. When she fell on it. (It was an accident, but I hold grudges for a long time!)

5. What element do you think you are?
Earth, most definitely. I'm a Capricorn, which is one of the three horoscope signs associated with earth. Plus practical. And stubborn (see the aforementioned grudges!) It's something I researched just for fun a couple years back, and when it came time to work with the characters in my first novel attempt, it actually helped mold their personalities and give them distinctive voices.



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