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Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday Mystery: Jennifer Sturman

I have a guest post from Jennifer Sturman author of And Then Everything Unraveled, which is the epitome of random!

You can read my review here. Visit Jennifer here and buy her book (!!) here.
Jinxing, Cholula, and Synesthesia

When Yan asked me to do a blog post on a “random” topic, she probably couldn’t have known just how many random things are in my head. For example, I have an unwavering belief in the power of the jinx. I also feel very strongly (in an entirely positive manner) about Cholula sauce. But perhaps the most random thing in my head is synesthesia, which literally colors everything I read.

The word synesthesia comes from Greek, and essentially it means a blurring of the senses. I have one of the most common forms, color synesthesia, where letters, words, and even numbers have colors for me.

In my mind, the letter J is orange, so Jennifer is orange, as are jeopardy and juice and Jordan. C is a sort of icy blue, and F is green, and Ms, Ns, and Rs are all red (though slightly different shades of red). When I see words on a page, I know they’re in black and white, but in my mind’s eye, they’re in color. And the colors never change. J has been orange for as long as I can remember, just as 3 has always been green.

For me, at least. Other synesthetes see things their own way. And for some synesthetes, tastes have textures, or sounds have shapes, or smells have audible tones.
It wasn’t until after college, when I was talking to an art history grad student about Kandinsky (who was a synesthete!), that I realized that this was actually sort of unusual. But now that I know about it, I realize how lucky I am. Synesthesia gives the words color as I put them on the page.

P.S. And There Will Be a Sequel!

My first YA, AND THEN EVERYTHING UNRAVELED, was released last week, and as a lot of readers (including Yan!) have noted, I might have left some strings untied. But I did it on purpose! Really! Because there will be a sequel. It’s called AND THEN I FOUND OUT THE TRUTH, and it should come out next summer. At which point all your questions should be answered, though I can’t guarantee I won’t raise any new ones.


  1. I wish I had synesthesia. xD Is that odd of me? o_O

    *still needs to get And Then Everything Unraveled*

  2. Yay for there being a sequel! And I'm really liking the similarities of the title, Jennifer. Very cute! You know I'll be anxiously awaiting that one for sure... :)